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Monday, December 24th, 2007

When I called to complain, I said that the least they could do, since they ruined Christmas, was to come and install the set the next day while my husband would be out and thus salvage an element of surprise. Through a series of being put on hold and talking to different people each time we went from “No problem”, to “Impossible!” I finally accepted the offer of a late Friday installation, so imagine my surprise when the phone rang Thursday morning just after my husband left for his appointment – it was a GeekSquad guy saying that even though he was a computer specialist, he would like to come out right now and install the TV. YES! All’s well that ends well.We had the bigger screen in time to watch the Kansas weather turn bad again……..


We’ll have a white Christmas!

Merry Bah Humbug!

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I decided to get my husband a flat screen TV for Christmas this year – I pretty much knew which one I wanted but I did have a few questions. The first store had NO one around to help (Sam’s – they also didn’t have the model I wanted.) The second one had it, but the lone salesman was so committed to making a sale to a lady who kept telling him she was just looking, that after about half an hour I left for Sears. They also had it, but again, only one sales guy, tied up with a couple who couldn’t commit. Finally he called for assistance and I had my own sales guy. Unfortunately he was from another department and knew next to nothing about the TVs. Another 30 minutes shot! At least now, through unintentional eavesdropping I had a bit more information so I checked back with Sam’s – still no help, on to BestBuy. After waiting 20 minutes I got my salesman! And he seemed to know stuff. Wow! I made the purchase, they loaded it up and I was out of there! Went to lunch and took a look at the sales slip. What’s this in the small print? OH, NO! They are giving me out of the goodness of their hearts free installation? They are going to call me before the 21st to set it up? OH, NO, NO, NO! Back to the store – my salesman who had not mentioned the free installation to me, was of course busy with another customer, since experience had taught me that he could be hours, I talked to the first one willing to help me. Young, cute, very soothing, he said not to worry, They never call, they wait for you to call. “Are you sure” I said, “It says right here they will call before the 21st, this is a Christmas present for my husband, I don’t want anyone calling.” “Don’t worry”, he said again, “I PROMISE you they won’t call”.
“You promise?”
“Yes, M’am, I PROMISE!”
3pm the next day the phone rings. My husband answers. It’s BestBuy GeekSquad calling to ask him when they can come and install his new TV. I am livid. I am not in the habit of spending in excess of a thousand dollars for a Christmas present and was so looking forward to this wonderful surprise which is now ruined.

I called the store to complain and was assured that the salesmen all know that they call us not the other way around and that it should have been tagged no call. I decided that since the cat was out of the bag I can salvage a bit of a surprise by getting the installation done before Christmas. Someone will call me back.. I stressed they should NOT talk to my husband, ask for me. In the middle of dinner the phone rings. The lady asks for Charles. “Who’s calling?” I say. “BestBuy GeekSquad” she says, “calling to schedule his installation.” If it wasn’t so upsetting it would be funny and I am sure we will laugh about it later. The GeekSquad is aptly named but Best Buy will forever be remembered as the store that ruined Christmas 2007 and I will be sure and never shop there again. That was not the end of it, but I will not bore you with more.

Today, I will sew!

Hello world!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Welcome to my blog.

Blogging is new to me, and I have no clue what I am doing, but it seemed like a good idea to try to keep up with the trends! We have just come through an awful ice storm that left us without power( no sewing!) for 5+ days. While this is a trial, there is the beauty to consider…

Icy bench

Our world was coated in a thick layer of ice. Much nicer here than on the electrical wires!