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August update

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Well!  It has been some time since I checked in here. I guess I am a one trick pony with a one track mind – once I get started on a project it is all I want to do.  I finished the hand work on the binding Thursday, “Mon Grand Père” is done! The entry requirements are different from any others I have done and took some pondering, but that is done as well, and I sent it off Saturday morning. So – it is out of my hands.

Next project? I need to get a better photograph of the Poppy quilt to send off for the cover and write the pattern and get that off to the printer. Fall Market will be here before we know it!

Even though it is August still, (barely), fall is in the air. Hot afternoons turn chilly as soon as the sun gets low.  I have enjoyed a few late afternoons in the hammock in the shade garden where it is always breezy and cool with Stephen King’s latest book. “Duma Key” is the kind that I like, that he writes. Of course I am only half way through, so it may be too soon to say that it is about real people, not monsters as he sometimes features.

It’s sort of distracting to try and read out there because of all the birds to watch, especially the hummingbirds! One actually came and hovered about a foot from my face and checked me out. Mostly they zip and zoom like mini fighter jets being very territorial and stingy with the feeders.

Yesterday I taught a Machine Quilting workshop at a local shop – it’s always fun and gratifying to see the progress attained in such a short time, I know if they practice they’ll do great!  AND, what a great opportunity to buy more fabric!!!  I found four new batiks that may make their way into my next project.

World of Beauty

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Yesterday I got my acceptance letter for IQA’s World of Beauty judged show in Houston, “Lazy Afternoon” will be going! Also there, will be “Dandelions” in Celebrate Spring!, “Nasturtiums” in In Full Bloom, and “Burlingame Fire” in Tactile Architecture. These can all be seen by clicking on Gallery to the left.

Yesterday I spent most of the day catching up on odds and ends, things that have been neglected, and did very little sewing, just a couple of seams to join sections. Maybe the grass part is finished with a total of 18 different grass fabrics. I decided to cut off about 3″ from one side to tighten it up and try to keep the grass from overwhelming the composition. I put all of the grass fabric away while watching the Olympics – or should I say – while waiting for the gymnastics to come on!

Loose Ends

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Watermelon Wine made it safely home from NC with an Award of Merit for Best Rendering Of A Face! Next it goes to PA National.

The poor Clematis Rugoochii that was stripped has produced more leaves and some new flower buds. I am helping as best I can to keep it watered and dusted with sevin. The weather was so hot and dry for awhile but now it’s cooler and even raining, today. For August it is remarkably green still! The Surprise Lilies jumped up and are blooming all over the place, they are especially pretty coming up through the Mt Fugi phlox which hides their long naked stems. I went out to get a picture but everything is so wet and bedraggled right now it is not so pretty after all!

Work on the new project is slow. Auditioning fabrics takes the most time and I have piles of it on the cutting table. At last count I had used 13 different grass fabrics so far. But each day a little more gets done. Yesterday, between watching the Olympics, I did a lot of sewing together of pieces and sections so it is coming together nicely.

New Project

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Last week went fast! Monday I had jury duty and even though I wasn’t chosen, the day was pretty much wasted. Thursday I went to lunch and a movie with a friend. We saw “Mamma Mia!” and thought it was pretty good. Wednesday I got down to work on the next project. Completed the drawing, figured out the sewing lines and transferred it to the full size paper so I could make the pattern. I had pulled a LOT of fabric Monday afternoon for inspiration, but until seeing the full size pattern to get an idea for scale no decisions could be made. During our cooler weather I had been enjoying spending some time in the hammock in the shade garden reading some art books on light and color and shadows and observing nature at different times of the day.

The photo that I’m using for inspiration is an old family photo in black and white. It has strong shadows that obliterate some of the detail. I am having to make up my own colors as I go. This is challenging but fun! I have quite a bit done by now and it is looking good!

I will not be sharing pictures as I may enter this in an exhibit that prohibits previous publication. Sorry!