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Bluebird Progress

Sunday, October 25th, 2009


Ooops– bad color, bad focus, but you get the idea. Did you spot the offending piece? I did replace it and I think now the end of the branch shows better. Or it would if it were in focus!!

New Bluebird Sample

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Shopping at Sarah’s in Lawrence the other day, I found some fabrics I would like to use as background for the bluebird. And since Sarah’s needs a Bluebird sample, I thought, why not?

I am always on the lookout for large scale prints for these picture quilts so I was drawn to these big batik leaves and the grasses. Blue dogwood flowers are a bit weird but interesting! I already see something that may need changed!


The challenge will be to find the right blues to pop against these muted tones.  Today should be fun!!

Catching Up

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Every so often, the business of doing business encroaches upon the fun side of things, and this year it has been more often than not! Yesterday morning I finally got the books caught up again and the sales tax filed for the third quarter. Doing this only four times a year makes every time like the first time so it is not easy!

It was one of those gorgeous fall days, so after lunch I spent four hours outside digging the sunny border wider so I could plant some blue Salvia and Veronicas there to accent the Rudbecias and daylilies that are there already. Should be lovely next summer!

That done, my back was complaining pretty loudly and the hammock was just too good to pass up. From there I could see the last of the cottonwood leaves, dancing brilliant yellow against the blue sky and the Yahoo berries just as bright, only vermillion. Too bad the camera was in the house. I noticed that the Lenten Rose I planted early last spring has had a growth spurt and is sending up many new leaves in preparation, I hope, for flowers very early in the spring. We have had a hard frost so some things are gone for this year, surprisingly some things are still looking good!

Another GA Coneflowers

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Merrilee has finished her class project and sent a photo…’s even quilted and bound!¬† Way to go, Merrilee!merrileesconefl

“Kansans Paint Kansas”

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Before going to Atlanta, I entered a couple of pieces in the Topeka Art Guild’s open exhibit and contest called “Kansans Paint Kansas”. They were both accepted and then I forgot about it. ¬† So……I was surprised and blown away when the check came in the mail for second place in the professional category for “Burlingame Fire”! There was some very nice work there and you can see the winners¬† here.
There is also a link to the judge’s ( Ye Wang ) website and his work is very good, unique and interesting.

500 Art Quilts Book

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

It’s probably been a year since I submitted to this upcoming Lark book, and gleeful reports of acceptance started coming in to QuiltArt while I was still in Atlanta. As time passed with no letter for me, I was resigned to not having any work in it. But, yesterday my letter finally came! “Bittersweet Memories” and “Watermelon Wine” will BOTH be in the book which will be out in the spring of 2010. How cool is that?

Finished Workshop Top

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Danielle in GA sent me this photo of her completed top already! She wishes there was more distinction between the petals and plans to add some in the quilting stage or even with some thread painting. Great idea! Hope we get to see how it turns out…..Thanks, Danielle!danielestop

Home From Atlanta

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

I flew home from Atlanta on Wednesday and it’s good to be home. Thursday was spent unpacking, putting away, doing paperwork and general catch up. Yesterday I had to get up early for my annual physical Dr.’s appointment, then to the bank, the library, etc. In the afternoon I got the outside house plants ready to come inside and the gladiola corms dug because we are in for some killing frosts. Busy, busy!

The GA trip was good. I experienced the best and the worst of weather there, as I was there during the horrible flooding. I saw the torrential rain but I personally did not see any flooding where I was. When the rain cleared it was just perfect! Beautiful fall weather with no humidity and comfortable temperatures.

I visited with four different quilt guilds in the area, doing “Easy Design Play” and “Coneflowers”workshops and presenting programs which were well attended and fun. Many new Coneflowers wall hangings were started and Show and Tell at the last meeting included four finished tops from the earlier workshops already finished!! Too many photos to show but if anyone sends me a finished jpg I’ll share!

In between working, I got to visit some quilt shops, tour points of interest including the gala re-opening of the Carter Center which coincided with the celebration of his 85th birthday, so Jimmy, his wife, extended family and dignitaries were there.

There was lots of security of course, including these guys, a bomb sniffing dog and men in dark suits and sunglasses scanning the crowd.


We got to tour the museum and have lunch there.


This is a view from the grounds from the hill where General Sherman watched the burning of Atlanta.

One day I met with a friend and we had lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant and then spent some time in a large oriental grocery store. So many exotic choices- what fun!! Thanks, Robin!

Today is the first day of Quilt Market in Houston and for the first time in over ten years I am not there. It’s sad to miss it as Rose and I always have such a good time in Houston but this year it was not to be.¬† I do have works on display there though, and there is always next year!

Now that I am home I look forward to getting back to a routine and sewing again. It’s been a long time since I created anything new.