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Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Well, I had good intentions, but when I went to take pictures yesterday my camera batteries were dead. My spares, too! In the meantime I was unable to get my website to open, so I wasted a lot of time for nothing. Some days are like that! But today everything is working as it should.

Moving on, I did manage to get some work done on the spring burning piece which is coming along nicely, but slowly.

Drifted    23 X 15″

This little Kansas winter scene was made so that I would have an entry to the next Topeka Art Guild Gallery exhibit, “Wonderland in White”. It uses only three fabrics, the hill closest to us, using the backside of the fabric of the hill behind, plus a printed batik and the sky fabric.  The snow fence is a bit of a plastic onion bag and the fence post some folded twill tape. It’s quilted with Sulky rayon threads in white, gray, black, varigated white/blue and red.

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I wish you all the best one ever!  For us, we will celebrate tomorrow as family work schedules have interfered with the planning.  So today while you are all overeating and watching the ball games, I will be making pumpkin cheesecake and sewing while Roomba cleans for me. There’s much to be thankful for!


Topeka Art Guild

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Earlier this year, I joined the Topeka Art Guild and have participated in every exhibit opportunity they have offered. While I have not had any sales there, I have won some monetary awards so it has been a good thing. I have met some wonderful people and they have been very accepting of a quilter in their midst which is not always the case, I know. I have been selected to be the Artist of the Month for September 2010, so I will need to keep that in mind as I send off my enties next year.

Friday morning it occurred to me that the next exhibit deadline was fast approaching and I had nothing to fit the theme, “Wonderland in White”. Putting aside the current work, I set about to remedy the situation and by late afternoon the new top was finished, layered, basted, with the quilting started. I thought I would finish it the next day. But weekends are unpredictable and it was not until Monday that it was actually ready to be blocked and prepared for the binding which I will do today. Photo tomorrow, hopefully!

The Art Guild recently announced an exhibit opportunity that is nearly a year away where artists will be paired with photographer members to interpret a photograph, then the works will be exhibited together. Of course I chose a wildlife photographer and I am excited to get started on that! I have already begun the preliminary layout and fabric selection.

I have started the spreadsheet to keep track of next year’s entries and it is already shaping up to be a busy year!


Saturday, November 21st, 2009

We’ve had our first snowfall of the season just days after we enjoyed 70 degree weather. I’m never ready! Neither are the flowers!

At least it makes for nice sewing weather. The new piece is slow going. It’s big and has curved seam piecing. Also, it’s deadline is far enough away that it doesn’t instill a sense of urgency in me, so I am easily distracted.

I remembered a fabric that I used in a previous Spring Burn piece and wanted to use again so I looked for it here.
Finding only small bits, I decided to dump the scrap basket and check there. Sure enough I found some.
Not much but enough to get a little in there. Going through the bits and pieces is fun, brings back memories of things I did long ago and I even pulled out some to maybe use in some upcoming projects.

I love my scrap basket; found it in an antique store and lined it with the same gray flannel that is on my design wall. I wonder what the basket was originally used for…..anyone know?

New Work

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

The new piece that I am working on will be for IQA’s Celebrate Spring if all goes well. But I am not ready to show it yet. In the past, I have made two different small works about the process of springtime burning of the land and they have both sold. This current piece is on the same theme but is much larger, and I hope, more impressive. Here’s a little bit.newsbquilt

I hope I have, or can find, the fabrics to pull it off! It is curved seam piecing and will be embellished with beading.

Yesterday, Mary and I went to see “Men Who Stare At Goats”, a rather strange movie. Not a bad movie, but sort of weird, they say it’s a true story – I don’t know….

Afterwards, shopping, I found Stephen King’s new book. It has over a thousand pages, 1074 to be exact, so knowing that I would never finish it in the time allowed by the library I had to purchase it.skingbook

He may be my favorite author and is not producing so prolifically as he once did so I was excited to start the new book and was not disappointed. I will take it with me today to the Art Gallery as it is my day to work there, and I can read in the quiet times.

New Toy

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

I got a Roomba, a robot vacuum cleaner. What fun! Press the button and it takes off, cleaning up everything in it’s path, bouncing off in new directions at each obstacle like a little dervish. Being fairly flat it fits underneath things that the big vac won’t and it is exceeding my expectations. And it’s fun to watch! My Komondor loves to roll in the fallen leaves and he brings in a lot of trash in his coat. Roomba gobbles it up.

The Kom is afraid of the big vac, but neither of my dogs is bothered by Roomba, however my daughter’s little Yorkie chased it to the extent that we thought it might make a good exercise machine to wear the dog out while she is at work!

I have started a new wall hanging and it is great to know that I can now vacuum and sew at the same time!!

Wonderful Surprise

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Yesterday’s mail brought a wonderfully unexpected surprise! “The Old Homestead” won the People’s choice Award at the Fremont Center for the Arts in CO where it was on display with the SAQA ‘Points of View’ exhibit.

The note enclosed from the curator said it was one of their best attended shows ever!

Michael Jackson

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Well, I never expected to see THAT title here!!

A friend and I try to go to the movies every week if there is anything worth seeing. I never was a Michael Jackson fan, but this week she wanted to see the new MJ documentary so Monday we went to see it. I really enjoyed it! The man could move, and I spent most of the movie looking at his feet. He was a perfectionist and could be quite demanding.

Yesterday I got quite a lot done with the quilting and should be able to finish today if I don’t end up outside again!

Bluebird Top Done

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I’ve been busy – albeit with things other than quilting lately – but I did manage between other things to finally complete the last bluebird sample top. As I expected there was quite a lot of “un-sewing” and replacing of unsatisfactory pieces. It was hard to get enough contrast between the medium-ish backgrounds and the medium-ish bird. Today I will layer, baste and begin the quilting which may help.


I will probably darken at least some of the white spots which to me have a somewhat Bluejay look to them, though I was hoping they would look more like sparkles of light.

Here’s a shot of the cover sample which has better contrast, next to the new one,  but I am not un-happy with the second one


which has a softer, naturistic feeling. Well, spell check doesn’t like THAT word, but you get the idea!

We’ve enjoyed some wonderful fall weather which demanded that I spend time outside so I have done that, cleaning up flower beds, weeding, digging cannas  and planting new things for next year. Things like three each of four varieties of perennial Salvias in the sunny border, a couple of Mukdenia rossii ‘Karasuba’ which is a new one for me, I was only able to find reference to it in one of my books, another crepe myrtle and half a dozen ‘Cherokee’ Blackberry bushes.  There’s more to do, but that’s it for now!