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Getting Ready For Houston

Monday, October 25th, 2010

In just two days I will be leaving for Houston for International Quilt Market! It’s been a busy week getting everything ready to load into the car. I didn’t go to Houston last year because I was in Atlanta teaching, so it seems like forever since I was there. I will pick up Rose in Wichita and we will have another excellent adventure!

The weather is definitely beginning to feel like fall, so yesterday afternoon I re-potted the plants that over winter inside and got them moved into the studio. It’s hard to find room for them all!

I tried to update my website but ran into some trouble getting it to accept text in places – I don’t know why that happens sometimes but I will try again if I can find the time. One thing that I did discover is that I never did get a finished photo of “Colorado Kids” after it was quilted and bound! And now it is gone to be in the exhibit that it was made for. “Inspirations”, art inspired by photographs. “Colorado Kids” was inspired by a photo by Tammy Patterson that she calls “Playground”, I believe. It’s an amazing photo and I was really anxious to do it in fabric. You can click on Mt Goats in the side bar to see in progress shots of the making of it. And if you are in the vicinity do stop by the Classic Bean in Fairlawn Plaza,Topeka to see the whole show. It will be up the months of Nov and Dec and it will be wonderful!

Two quilts made it safely home last week, “Spring Encounter” from AQS Des Moines with it’s gorgeous blue First Place ribbon and “Burlingame Fire” from PIQF with a lovely pink Judge’s Choice ribbon! It’s been a good year in spite of not getting into Houston’s judged show this year. I will still have two things there in special exhibits.

Sunday Afternoon

Monday, October 18th, 2010

I got some more hammock time yesterday, it was cooler and the sky was not so blue – still pretty though! Here’s my view from the hammock:

That’s a Wahoo tree in the middle covered in berries.

Straight up overhead, most of the leaves are gone.

No snakes today but lots of birds came to check me out.

Market Prep and Nature Time

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

This has been a busy week dedicated to preparing for Quilt Market in Houston. The new pattern covers arrived and then the pattens. The patterns come needing one final fold, collating for the one with two pages, and insertion into the plastic bags. Then everything needs to be organized and packed and stacked ready to load into the car. In conjunction it always happens that some reorganization of the storage area needs to be done in order to accommodate the new 3000 patterns and 10,000 covers!

Outside, yesterday afternoon was one of those “to die for” autumn days so at 2 o’clock I quit for awhile, grabbed a book and retired to the hammock for a few hours of quiet reading and contemplating nature. It’s hard to read with so much nature going on! I had just settled in when a great commotion happened, rustling the dry fallen leaves and I looked up to catch sight of something fleeing for it’s life with a large garter snake in hot pursuit- it was such a blur I am not even sure what it was, something small and light colored leaping over a clump of day lily leaves and it did get away. The snake spent quite some time hunting for it, raising up and pivoting his head around like he was looking, probably more sensing with his tongue, but with no luck. Later a smaller garter snake passed under the hammock on his way to somewhere. I guess it was a perfect day for them too. The sky was so amazingly blue I went inside and got the camera to capture it but later when I checked I had nothing; I guess the batteries were dead. I find it very hard to see on the camera screen, outside in the bright light if I have a picture or not.


Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Last week I got the news that “Spring Encounter”, my fawn quilt, won first place in the wall hangings at the AQS show in DesMoines! That was exciting! Wish I had had time to go up and collect the prize money!

We did go to the opening of the Kansas Art Quilter’s show in Merriam, KS recently and thought, as usual, that the gallery had done a great job of hanging it.  The artists are members of “EDGE” the exhibiting artists of Kansas Art Quilters and they are not even all from Kansas! The theme was “What’s UP?”

“What’s Up At The 4-H Fair?”


And lastly – a shot of my featured artist corner at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery for September, which is no longer up, but that’s how behind I am! It’s all mine except for the glass and painting at the far lower left.

One More Coneflower

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Here’s one more finished piece from the Colorado workshop, it’s neat to know these actually get finished!

Pam used realistic colors for her scene and I love how she used sky fabrics with a bit of light to blend into the lighter central piece, which, along with her accent strip really highlights her added butterfly making it a focal point. The appliqued strips of flower colors frames it nicely.

Catch Up And Coneflowers

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I have been working on getting the patterns ready for Market and I seem to be more behind than usual this year! Hopefully today will wrap it up and I can get them to the printer.

I took a day off Saturday and went to a workshop sponsored by the Kansas Art Quilters. It was on transfers and I hoped to find a way to make fabrics that would work into some of my pieced work as it said that we would learn to transfer images to fabric. We did, but mainly we did Gel Medium transfers which are very plastic-y and not at all something that I would want to use. Disappointing, but at least it was a day out!

There was a nice note from my hostess, Maxine in Ft Collins, CO where I went in July and did a Coneflowers class. She sent me some photos from the class that I can share with you. It’s always fun to see what other folks do.

Maxine wanted her Coneflowers to be very pale like the White Swan variety that has a greenish cast. She chose rich darks to set them off and I like the wall effect in the foreground and the shadings in the centers. Her stem and leaf really stand out against it and her quilting gives nice dimension.

Julie chose a very interesting complimentary color scheme and it looks like her coneflowers are growing at the water’s edge. Her fabric choices for the flowers really emphasize the light and shadow on the petals and centers. Nice choice of accent strip and the piping in the binding is a nice touch!

This one is fun! Kay’s choice of black and whites to set off her hot pink flowers really works, and she used so many different ones! I like how it is darker at the bottom, grounding the piece and shades up to light at the top. The accent strip is just dark enough to stand out. I LOVE the flower centers! And the free form edge sets everything off perfectly.

Nancy’s coneflowers make me feel like I just discovered them growing out in a field on one of my walks! They are surrounded by wonderful nature fabrics – even some songbirds! I think she got all of her petals from one wonderful batik fabric and did it masterfully, utilizing the subtle purple shadings. The dark centers set them off nicely. This is going to improve even more with quilting!

That was such a fun workshop! Good job, everyone!!  I invite anyone from any of the workshops to send your pictures to me to share…