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Omaha-Considering Red

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I have been under the weather since returning home from Maryland. Just a general feeling of malaise that makes it difficult to do anything! So I haven’t done much at all!

Last weekend we did go to Omaha to the opening of the Kansas Art Quilter’s “Considering Red” show which was very nicely done. I meant to bring my camera but forgot it, so here is a link to the show on the KAQ site,¬† so you can see the variety of the entries. The weather for the trip was cold and rainy.¬† We walked around the Old Market area and visited the zoo.¬† The zoo was huge and we were able to spend most of the afternoon indoors in various exhibits – jungle, deserts, night time, aquarium and butterflies.¬† We did do the chair lift tour which for me,¬† having a fear of heights was a bit scary, but gave a nice overview of the whole park and some of the outside exhibits from above the treetops!


Home Again

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

I’m safely home from my trip to Maryland; it was great fun in spite of the torrential rain. I even brought a little home with me as we had an inch here,¬†which was much needed, after my return!

A special thank you to everyone at Nimble Fingers who made my visit special. The workshop was fun and lots of lovely new coneflowers pieces were started. I hope I get to see photos when they are finished!

Now I need to concentrate on catching up, unpacking and getting back to the routine of my daily life, with the priority of finishing that elk!

Catching Up

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Really, I thought by now the elk would be finished. but I am putting SO much quilting on it, it is going very slowly, And I am only working sporadically between other things, so there is not a lot of progress to report. I’ve been busy shipping things out, getting things back and catching up on the entries as well as sorting and packing for the next trip. I can’t believe it is September already!

This time tomorrow I will be at the airport waiting for my flight to Maryland and my visit to the Nimble Fingers Quilt Guild for a lecture and workshop. I see from the weather channel that it will probably be raining the whole time I am there! Here in Kansas we could really use some rain.  At least the weather is cooler at 53 this morning.