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Fabric And Judge’s Comments

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

I only got to work on the new piece two days last week and two days so far this week, but it is coming along nicely! There is a lot of challenge to this one and I am enjoying that! When I was in Springfield, MO teaching I found this fabric

and even though at that time I didn’t know if I would be accepted to Seasonal Palette, or how I would use it if I were, I had to buy some! And I am so glad I did…….Since a big part of what I do is using commercial prints, this one was too good to pass up!

“Longhorn Splashdown” has make it home from PIQF, along with it’s judging comments. Nice things were said about design, fabric and colors, but the negative comment was: “would have liked to see more variety of quilting motifs”.¬† Hmmmmmm- 15 weren’t enough? Sometimes you have to wonder if they even look. Or if they realize how stupid some of their comments make them look!

The Things You See!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

When we go for our walks on the property we often see deer and turkeys and other wildlife, but what a surprise on Thursday to see an EMU!! We put out feed which it ate in hopes that it would stay around til we could investigate who might own it. Friday we found them and they came out after work to see about it. By then it was nowhere to be seen, But Saturday morning there she was across the street in a barbed wire enclosed field how did she get in?

We called the owner who came with a tranquilizer gun but it didn’t stop her! Against good advice he then chased her and she went right through the fence and who knows where she is now! I hope she is not hurt!


Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Saturday I was away all day¬† so didn’t get to work on my project.¬† I was teaching hand quilting at a shop about an hour away from here. It is gratifying to see that there are still people who want to do it by hand! We had a fun day!¬† I love the drive to Emporia through the Flint Hills as there is a quiet beauty there in any season,¬† but Fall, when the grasses turn pink and gold and the sky is so blue is especially pretty.

I was anxious to get home and see the new fabric that was supposed to arrive, but was disappointed to discover that it did not. Surely Monday it will get here!

Seasonal Palette

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I have been having great fun this week with the new Seasonal Palette piece and have a nice start! I wish I could show you but there may be a book so they don’t want pictures posted.

But I WILL show the fabric I pulled. Some of this has since been put back on the shelf and others added…….

It has not been without drama though. After several day’s work, I was not happy with some aspects so reworked parts and now I have the problem of fitting already pieced elements into a revised whole, but it will work out, I’m sure. I ordered more fabric from two different sources; the first arrived yesterday and the second is due tomorrow. It’s a little difficult to plan without the fabric here so I am working on the parts where I feel safe, knowing I may have to tweak later. This has enough challenges to keep it interesting for me!

Autumn Leaves

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Friday at the art gallery I saw a garland someone made from rolled brown leaves that was used in a display of art glass objects. I thought it was a neat idea so Saturday I collected some leaves and made one of my own that I will use in an arrangement of gourds and stuff. This is 37″ long.

Kansas doesn’t have the prettiest of fall colors. The darker ones are Virginia Creeper, I think and the lighter ones are Wahoo. I also picked up a couple of cottonwood leaves which are yellow and have more substance. I may collect more of those as they are drying to a nice gold color. Even the brown though, was very attractive!

It is raining today!  That is very GOOD news here!!

Finished Projects

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The handwork is finished on the elk and now he has a permanent twinkle in his eye and for good measure one on his nose!

Close-ups to show the edge finish, facings do give a nice clean finish!

Yesterday I spent some time making half square triangle units for a monthly exchange for a group that I belong to. This month’s color is purple and since I still had fabrics off the shelves and the meeting is tomorrow night it seemed like a good idea! I was on a roll so did the next two months as well! It feels good to have those done and the fused top also, which I finished this morning.

I added some darker blue to the sky behind the white mountains, so they would show up better, but I don’t like it. We were supposed to put tulle over the finished top to hold everything together but I don’t like how that dulls it down. Here you can see the difference, with and without.

I removed the darker sky strips and replaced them with tulle and I like that better. It does the job of defining the mountains but is more ethereal. Some of the pieces are already coming loose so I went ahead and covered the whole surface with tulle.

Without the uncovered surface to compare to, I think it looks OK. Now that that is done I can finish putting fabric away and start thinking about the next project.¬† This one is to a point where I can put it away for now; it still needs to be layered with a backing and quilted.¬† I don’t think fused applique will ever replace my pieced work, but it was something different and I think I may fiinish it for an upcoming exhibit at the Topeka Art Guild about Travel, Near and Far.


Monday, October 3rd, 2011

I tried to get into my blog yesterday but I guess it was down for some reason.

I finished “Majesty”, 35.5 x 42″, last week and wanted to post the pictures! This is the first time that I have done a faced edge instead of a binding.

I am not sure about facings. I read that it gives a more “art” finish and less of a “quilt” finish. It does hang very nicely. It takes longer and there is more hand work because whereas when I do a binding I insert the raw edges of the sleeve under the binding and sew by machine, with the facing method I had to sew all of the sleeve edges by hand. All of the facing edges are hand sewn as well, just like a binding would be. We had the most gorgeous weather last week though, so I was able to sit outside for two afternoons and do the hand work.

It’s done except for hand sewing the twinkle in his eye – what you see here is the white head of a pin that I use to see where the stitches should go. I am pretty happy with the way it came out. There is a LOT of quilting on it!

Saturday I took a workshop with Patty Hawkins from Colorado through the Kansas Art Quilters; she has had many entries accepted to Quilt National, and the subject was landscape, so I thought it might be fun even though it was on raw edge bonded applique/collage which is not a method I enjoy. I was hoping to learn something, which of course I did! It’s always nice to just get away for a while and play. Here’s my start on a piece from a photo that I took on our Alaska trip.

I’m so lucky to have such a nice stash of “nature” type fabrics to work with! In fact I have so much fabric it is overflowing the space I have to store it so I was very happy last week to hear of a local group making clothing for Haiti that was in need of fabric. I boxed up two large boxes of calico type prints that don’t really work for me anymore in the type of work I do now.¬† They would have been quite expensive to ship somewhere, so I was really happy to have found some place local to take it. A win-win situation for both of us! And now most of what is left fits on the shelves!!

I was accepted to participate in “Seasonal Palette” an exhibit through Studio Art Quilt Associates which will debut in Houston next fall and travel for a year or so after that. Thirty-eight were accepted out of hundreds of entries. We each will make a piece that measures 32″ wide by 78″ high and my assigned season is winter. So, as I have been going through the fabrics for stuff to give away and stuff for the workshop, I have been pulling out possibilities for this new work. I am starting to feel excited about it and anxious to get started……