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Seasonal Quilting

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

I’m still moving kind of slow. and not getting a lot done. I did prepare a back for the Seasonal quilt and got it layered and pin basted. I had purchased a panel to use on the back as I thought it would be a good thing to show that I did not just use a whole panel on the front, but that I cut it up and pieced it in.

A little bit of the top is peeking in at the bottom, but since it was made larger than the finished size, that will probably get trimmed away after the quilting.  That piece of blue fabric for the majority of the back is one of the first pieces of fabric I bought way back in the 80’s when I started quilting! It was the perfect color for this purpose.  The batting I am using is Matilda’s Own Wool.

I have spent the better part of three days now quilting on it and have about one third of it finished so I think I am in good shape to meet the deadline.

Market Booth Stuff For Sale

Friday, February 17th, 2012

With apologies to my regular readers, I am going to use this space today to post some things I am offering for sale so that folks can see the photos.

I am officially retiring from the Quilt Market scene and would like to sell the following items:

A set of sturdy, expanding aluminum booth poles which have worked very well for me and allow you to avoid the added cost, which seems to go up every year! of renting them for each market. There are four uprights and four top poles. They extend from about four feet to twelve feet and will work perfectly in your 10’ x 10’ booth space. The bases have been modified so that they snug up against the market poles giving you extra space. They come with two sturdy padded carrying cases which are included in the price. The cases measure 4’4”x 18”x 4” with a built in handle for easy transport. The photo shows the poles before being expanded with one expanded pole on the table. It’s so easy to put your drapes on with them low, as shown and then raise it up to the 8’ required at market.
Poles, bases and the carrying cases, delivered to you at Spring Market in KC for $450.00.

Cushiony rubber interlocking floor mats. These are gray, 24” square x 1/2” thick. I used 18. Three rows of five to fill the front six feet of my booth and three for behind the table, but I have 24.  If you want to cover the whole 10 x 10 space, it would take 25 but if you could position the empty space under of behind your table that could work . There are solid finishing strips for the edges. $1.00 apiece, minimum 18. Delivered to you at Spring Market in Kansas City.        SOLD

Booth drapes; these are polyester which doesn’t wrinkle quite as badly as cotton. They have been treated with a fire retardant.You need your own drapes if you want to pin anything up. There are two 94 x 53, one 94 x 107, two 94 x 20.5 ( I hung a larger quilt on the pole in the back with these on either side to fill in the space) The table cover was made to fit an eight foot table and is shown here on a six foot one so is not fitting so well. There are three ruched pole covers for the front side and top poles, two chair covers, a slip cover that will fit over two stacked file boxes and a 64 x 45” piece of extra yardage.
All for $100.00 delivered to you at Spring Market in Kansas City.

Three sturdy black coated wire pattern display racks, each with three tiers. These are 23.5” wide X 15” deep and 17.5 “ high. As you can see in the photo each shelf will hold four pattern titles, more if you overlap them a little. The shelves are 4” deep and easily hold 2 dozen patterns of each title. There is a nice space in the back to hide your cash box, etc.
All for $75.00 delivered to you at Spring Market in Kansas City.   SOLD

Two painter’s aluminum extension poles. 52” extend to 8’ great for hanging quilts.
$10.00 each, delivered to you at Spring Market in Kansas City.

Heavy duty clear vinyl sheet, 54.5” x 8’. I used this for protection, to cover the table which always had a special quilt layered over the basic table cover.
$15.00, delivered to you at Spring Market in Kansas City.

I am NOT retiring from the quilt scene – just Market!  Respond to

Getting Better!

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

I finally went to the Dr and got antibiotics and a serious cough medication and am happy to report that I am feeling much better. I have not done much of anything though so there has been little of interest to discuss here.

There have been a few quilts shipped including two to the MidAtlantic Quilt Fest ( “In The Bleak Midwinter” and “Longhorn Splashdown”) and next week  ‘The Merchant’s House” goes off to AQS in Lancaster. “Harrier Hunting” has been juried in to IQF’s Celebrate Spring and will debut in Cincinnati and travel for a year. I had an email nibble about purchasing it this morning but am not sure how serious it was!

My sewing machine is back from it’s checkup and I haven’t even plugged it in yet, but I get more behind everyday so I have to get back in the groove. Next up is probably quilting the Seasonal Palette piece but then there is also the SAQA 12 x 12 to do…..

In the meantime about all I seem to have the energy to do when I am not sleeping, is reading, TV, occasional bookwork and jigsaw puzzles! Here’s the third one since Christmas:


Bear Cam

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I’ve been down with a cold, lots of coughing and feeling yuk for the last couple of weeks. Not getting a lot done. I have been watching den cam periodically for a week or so where you can see inside of a black bear’s den. She has two cubs and I was lucky enough to see them the other day. Mostly Mom curls herself around them and you don’t see a lot, but you do hear them and they are very vocal. They sound just like a human baby when they get to screaming. I suppose as time goes by they will become more active and we will see more. The one I am watching is Jewel, but there are others. Occasionally the camera is down, so keep trying if you want to see them..

I took my sewing machine in for it’s annual maintenance yesterday. This seemed like a good time to let it go for a week as I don’t feel very creative right now. Maybe I should work on taxes…..