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Keeping Busy

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

My little 7 year old niece has leukemia (she’s doing well, we are waiting hopefully for the word remission in a day or so) Anyway, I have been knitting her a chemo cap. I found this lacy pattern and some nice soft yarn with sequins. I hope it makes her feel pretty!

Her mom says she loves the color!

I’ve been getting things ready to take in to Topeka this afternoon, 9 quilts for Warehouse 414 and 2 quilts for the Topeka Art Guild gallery. Looks like they should both be great shows, 414, “Spring Fling” with 12 artists and over 100 artworks and TAG. “Earth, Wind and Fire” a juried show, with prize money. If you are close enough, I hope you can come by and enjoy them. I will be at 414 for First Friday on the 6th from 5:30 to 8:30.

Spring has arrived with lots of rain lately and I have tried to pull some weeds. Usually they come up easily after a rain, but right now the ground is just TOO wet. The muddy soil holds the roots too strongly. Yesterday I bought some annuals that need a place to go.¬† This weekend should be better.¬† On the bright side, everything is bursting into bloom; the fruit trees we bought last year are covered with blossoms but the saucer magnolia, I think, didn’t make it.

To-Do List

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Yesterday was busy but I got one thing crossed off my to-do list! My website at Quilter’s Warehouse has fallen into dis repair so yesterday I re sized and tweaked photos of all 57 pattern quilts and sent them to the webmaster. It took ALL day! Now it is in his hands and I hope that it won’t take too long to get it updated.

Today I need to pull 9 quilts that will be going to Warehouse 414 in Topeka for an exhibit in April called “Spring Fling”. I have wanted to show there for some time as I have always felt that my things would look good there. The space is an old warehouse turned eclectic furniture store/gallery. Stone walls and lots of personality. There will be 12 artists showing and I need to make sure I have hanging slats prepared and the quilts ready for delivery next week. Big reception for First Friday and I will be there!! Also two things to Topeka Art Guild Gallery for next week’s opening.

Spring seems to have arrived, with the fruit trees all in bloom. The peach and plum trees that we planted last year are just covered with blossoms and the apples are budded. Please, no more freezing!! I spent an hour out weeding. Enough to make me wake up stiff but not enough to make a dent on the weeds.

There is still so much left on the to-do list!!

Seasonal Palette Almost Finished

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I finished the quilting last week on the Seasonal piece; it took so long because it’s big¬† (32 X 78″ finished, so I was working at about 35 X 83″) and I put in a lot of quilting. but also because I used so many different threads, so I was constantly changing and burying ends.

I blocked and trimmed it for the binding over the weekend. Trimming was tricky, as it is so long, and the size requirements are precise! Measure twice and cut once didn’t even feel safe, I measured at least four times. I was up in the air about the finishing – facing or binding? Decided on binding a little larger than usual at 3/8″. That was sewed on yesterday and since when I do the binding I always incorporate the sleeve and documentation into the binding seam, I had to come up with a name for the tag. Settled on “December Dawn”, it’s short and to the point. Now all I have left to do is the hand sewing on the back of the binding, sides and bottom edges of the sleeve and two edges of the documentation tag, and it will be DONE!!.

Extra Day?

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Ok, so they say Leap Year brought us an extra day last month, but I didn’t notice any extra days in any of the weeks, but maybe I was just too busy quilting! The seasonal piece is well over half finished now and as usual I am putting in LOTS of quilting. I think it is looking good and I guess I need to think up a name for it and stop calling it the seasonal piece. Today I will finish the foreground and hopefully start on the sky.

We’ve had unusual weather for this time of the year, low 70’s to below freezing and snow. While we do certainly enjoy the pretty days, this is not good. A devastating tornado about wiped out half of a town a few miles away the other night. We only got high winds and rain and hail here.