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Award Pictures

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Receiving my award- can you believe I forgot to pack the sparkly top I meant to wear? This top has a black border , it is not really raggedy edged!!!

The projected images didn’t do justice to the actual work, seen below, which literally seemed to glow under the lights and against the black drapes..

After the awards were given and after the crowds were gone.

Lyric Kinard, Ruth Powers, Gloria Hansen. These pictures are courtesy of Gloria who had her camera handy.

We are back from the luncheon to change clothes and return for the SAQA Seasonal Palette Reception and preview night. We caught the free Greenline Shuttle and did the whole loop before returning to the Hyatt just to get the lay of the land and look for places of interest to explore.

Houston IQA Awards

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

How exciting! We had the awards ceremony last night here at IQA in Houston, and I discovered that the award that “Prairie Fire” has won is The Fairfield Masters Award For Contemporary Artistry! The award comes with a check for $5000.00! We got to see slides of all of the winning quilts and all of the first place and top winning quilts were unveiled one by one. Just beautiful!

Now I need to go and get ready for the Awards luncheon. Later at 5 there will be a reception for the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit and I can’t wait to see the whole exhibit and how “December Dawn” fits in. Then at 7 I am required to go and sit by my winning piece until the show closes at 10. It’s going to be a long day!!

Pictures later.

Osage City Art Expo

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Friday evening and Saturday morning were spent at the OCAE. When I agreed to do this show last spring, I thought it was an exhibit that they would set up and I would not have to stay, however it turned out to be more like an art fair, though, thankfully inside. I don’t normally do art fairs. It was an interesting experience as most of the folks had never seen work like mine and of course they thought it was too expensive. But I think for the most part, they enjoyed looking at it and talking about some friend or relative that makes real quilts.

Part of the time I flipped “Bignonia” to show “Colorado Kids”

Now that that is out of the way, I can concentrate on getting ready for Houston!!

Getting Ready For Houston

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

This time next week I will know what I have won in Houston! I have been busy wrapping up loose ends and making arrangements. Trying to figure out what to wear and getting things ready.

Since my friend Rose, who usually travels with me to Houston was unable to go this year, I offered the extra bed to Gloria, the GLO in Gloderworks the company responsible for my wonderful website. She accepted and I am looking forward to getting to know her better. I admire Gloria‘s quilting work as well, and she is also a winner this year, in addition to being an author and computer guru.

I have permission from Quilts, Inc and SAQA to show the two pieces that have been kept under wraps so far and they can be seem in the “Upcoming Events” section of the website. “Prairie Fire” the winner in “World of Beauty” and “December Dawn” in “Seasonal Palette”.¬† They did ask that I announce that there is a catalog available for “Seasonal Palette”.

Fall Color

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Not to be compared with some areas of the country, but this year in spite of (because of?) the drought, we are experiencing some of the best color I can remember seeing here! Sunday, “just because” we spent the afternoon just riding around the edge of the Flint Hills taking it all in.

The trees seem especially bright this year.

The grasses play a big roll in the local color.


There is some pink starting to show but they don’t seem to have developed the fuchsia pink tones yet that I find so lovely. Some years that is more pronounced than others and I don’t know if it is dependent on moisture, frost, or what.

The weather was a bit windy but gorgeous in the 70’s, then we had some heavy rain so lots of leaves are now down.


Thursday, October 11th, 2012

“Longhorn Splashdown” at LaConner in WA, and “Cloudy With A Chance of Rain” at TAG in Topeka, both won only Honorable Mentions this year. It’s nice to have the big win at Houston to soothe the disappointment!

I am currently working on drawings for a couple of new works inspired by Pokey Bolton’s announcement that they will be doing some exhibits/contests with pet themes in the future at IQA. These may have to be kept under wraps for a while, but I wanted to get the layout done for scale, so I could be on the lookout for fabric while I am shopping the vendors at Festival!!. That’s coming up fast!

Festival Pet Project

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Postcards are not my thing, but dog rescue is, so I really wanted to make something for the “Festival Pet Project” to benefit “Friends For Life” in Houston.

These are 4 x 6 ” and fiddley to make. I intended to do two pieced ones, but the Yorkie took about three days, so I opted to add two whole cloth ones instead. The Yorkie, from a photo of Nikki, my daughter’s dog who died recently, took five different fabrics and three colors of quilting threads. I did a satin stitch edge on the wholecloth ones that I wasn’t thrilled with so opted for a real binding on the pieced one. They will all be priced the same at Festival, $20 each, so I hope these help.


Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Yesterday we went to the German Oktoberfest because Bierocks for lunch sounded good – and they were! But the plum kuchen wasn’t as good as it looked. There was rollicking beer drinking music and dancing, too, but my photos of that were not so good. It was 46 degrees, overcast and breezy so we were glad for¬† jackets as we watched the Weinerdog Races.

There were 48 entered so they were broken up into heats of 6 to start. We decided to leave before it was over, after a man got in front of me and took away my small window of photo opportunity.

This little guy caught my eye for his unusual color. The owner said they had petted him so much they rubbed the black right off!

On the way home

we saw this guy and had to stop and get a picture. Maybe the most unusual leaf man we’ve seen in a while!

We had a hard frost last night so finally had to bring the deck plants inside. Filling two of the three windows really closes in the studio. When I add the two Amaryllis plants, it’ll really be full! Nice to have flowers in the winter though….


More Good News!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

I sent “Longhorn Splashdown” up to LaConner, WA for the LaConner Quilt Museum show and have received word that it has won an award. Won’t know what til after they have their awards presentation on the 9th I think.

“Bignonia” has been juried into it’s first show, Pacific International and was shipped out Monday to go there.

They are having a quilted post card sale at IQF in Houston this year to benefit a big Houston dog rescue organization and I started a little pieced postcard for that yesterday. It feels good to be sewing again, even if it is small!¬† I’ll show you a picture when it is done.