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After The Storm

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Yesterday we awoke to a winter wonderland; about six more inches of snow on top of the 11 inches that was already there. It is heavy and wet and much appreciated for the moisture that we so badly need.


Yes it is pretty, but perhaps not so much for those who have to deal with it up close and personal! For me, I’m staying inside because I can!


The birds appreciate the feeders. This one is only a few inches away from the window by my sewing machine so I am treated to their antics all day long.

Speaking of windows, the new ones were installed just before the first storm hit and the workers will have to come back when the weather warms up to paint the outside trim that had to be replaced. Inside, I am slowly getting things back in order. I’ve washed¬† and ironed the curtains and rehung those, and got the furniture back in place. I am working on cleaning all of the venetian blinds so they can be donated to¬† the ReStore since the new windows have blinds inside the panes of glass.¬† Hopefully these will be the last blinds I will ever have to clean!

cardinalinsnowWaiting his turn.

I sewed most of yesterday, having given up on the right fabric, and I am struggling to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say.¬† It is so not what I had envisioned.

Busy Weekend

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Saturday I got back to the sewing, tweaking what was already sewn as these past two weeks of just looking at it made me see some places that could be improved. Also sewed a few of the section seams. This morning’s e-mail brought a couple more leads on the fabric search so perhaps I need to wait a bit longer before cutting background!

Yesterday afternoon a friend and I went to see the musical Parade, a show I had never heard of, and it was VERY good! So no sewing yesterday.

Probably not today, either, as I need to prepare two quits for shipping – “Colorado Kids” to AQS, Lancaster and “Who, Me?” to IQA for Celebrate Spring. Last week I sent “Foxglove Fairy” to Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest.

We have a crew of workers here installing new Pella windows so today  looks like a good time to go to town, anyway!

Wheat Batik, Empty Spools

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

I really did think that someone, somewhere would know where some of that Wheat batik was when I posted it to the QuiltArt list with thousands of members. It was gratifying to see the number of quilters who responded with offers of similar fabrics. But I already had similar fabrics and was holding out for THE one. Along the way I followed all of the leads and even ordered a few that I thought might work as it became apparent that the right one was not going to surface. The one on the left is the one I wanted and the others are possibilities. But they are mostly lighter in color than what I wanted. The current trend with the blues is less grayed than the one I was looking for, But the white dog contains some beige-y blues so maybe these will be even better.


Thanks again to all who tried to help!!

So now, I guess I am ready to carry on and reconnect with the cutting and sewing using the fabrics that I have. With my luck, once I cut and sew the “right” one will come along!!

In the interim I have been busy with tax prep, designing some new work and hand quilting on the Oak and Acorn quilt. I have entered some more shows and shipped some more quilts.

My contract for teaching a five day Picture Piecing Design workshop at Empty Spools, Asilomar a year from now has arrived. So for those of you who are intrigued with this process, I hope you will consider signing up for that. It will be a wonderful place to spend a week in February 2014!

Still Looking

Monday, February 4th, 2013

I have had so many responses to my fabric request but alas, so far no one has it. I’ve had offers of similar fabrics from as far away as New Zealand!! A few are still looking so I will not give up just yet. So for the time being, I am not doing any sewing except for hand quilting on the “Oak and Acorn” bed quilt. In the meantime I am working on finishing up the books in preparation for taxes.

Sunday I went to the the theater with friends to see “Love, Sex and the IRS”. It was pretty good and a good choice for this time of the year!


Have You Seen This Fabric?

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Monday it was just beautiful here, with a record breaking high of 77 degrees then yesterday it was 0. We went on a fabric quest but with no luck. I used this batik in the shadowed areas of the Kom’s coat and when I was working on the background, I decided it would be just perfect there, too.

Unfortunately, I have only a little left and it is old. I have searched in vain online, so now I appeal to you. have you seen it anywhere? There must be a shop somewhere that still has some they would love to get rid of. It is a greyed blue mottled background with lighter frosty looking wheat. Kind of large scale with the wheat portion being 3-4 inches. I’d love to find a half yard or a yard somewhere. Please let me know if you have seen it anywhere.

The newest issue of American Quilter just came with a nice article on Seasonal Palette and one of the quilts they showed was “December Dawn” Both as a nice full view and as an installation shot. Great coverage!!

Good news, two acceptances. “Colorado Kids” will be going to AQS, Lancaster and “Who, Me?” to “Celebrate Spring” at the IQA shows starting with spring. “In The Bleak Midwinter” is currently showing at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and we had a great crowd last night at First Friday in spite of the cold.