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Deer Progress

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Yesterday it rained all morning so it was good to stay inside and sew. The day before we went to town, which kind of blows the whole day so there is not a whole lot of progress to report. Lots of little pieces! It is fun to begin to see the deer emerging from the brush…


I wish I could find what I need for the background, though!

Today I have to work at the gallery all day, so will most likely not sew a stitch. At least the weather is nice. There has been a lot of tornadoes around lately, but not near here, though we have had nice rain and the pond has water again. The flowers are loving it and I’m sure there will be a whole new rash of weeds to pull!

Starting The Deer

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Charles Benton is a local photographer who has participated in the annual Inspirations exhibit, as have I, since the beginning three years ago. This year he offered me his “Konza Mother and Child” as inspiration, so this year for the first time I will have two pieces there. This one, and the “Eagles Soar” one inspired by Tammy Patterson’s “Eagle Soars” that I started earlier.


His copyrighted photograph is on canvas and I can’t get a good picture without reflections, but you get the idea. It is a wonderful photo and I am fortunate to be able to use it with his permission.

Susan said she would like to see the two layouts, so I took this picture this morning.


The top one was my first and I wasn’t happy with it so never finished it. Then I decided to start over without looking at the first one that had been done probably a month ago. It was interesting to compare the two after I was finished with the new layout.

Here is the progress to date, work done over a period of about three days.


Usually when I do animals, I start with the eyes, but in this case, remembering how much trouble I had finding fawn spot fabric for “Spring Encounter”, (click on ‘fawn’ in the sidebar) I needed to see what I could find to render the fawn’s spots and set my colors by that. I couldn’t do very much though, until I established the background fabrics.  That distant background is going to be hard. It has a lot of pink in it and I haven’t been able to find much of that. The foreground grasses were easy and the scale of the bush fabric was good. It was nice that it had dark areas that worked in well against the tree.

Update For The Week

Friday, May 24th, 2013

I did get by to see the Designer’s Showhouse on Friday and it is a beautiful place; what a lucky family to be able to live there.  “Just Dandy” looked great but photos were not allowed, sorry. Thank you Jill, for including my work!

I continue to have computer problems, so early in the week I spent some of my waiting time re doing the layout for the next art quilt. I had done it already but I thought I could do better and it was interesting how different the later one was. Same picture but quite different layout. There is no wrong way!

Tuesday I went to the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild meeting and turned in all of the quilts I had made for the “Warm Kids” project. The chair person was not there but I am sure they will be appreciated and it does feel good to help. I also gave away two and a half yards of fabric to someone who would make more. Win,win! It’s off my shelf and I don’t have to do the work. Still lots of fabric there that needs to go.

Wednesday I did the enlargement on freezer paper for the next project and did all of the markings for joining the seams (tic marks and obvious hints) Yesterday I pulled fabric. I had already pulled some, but until you know the finished scale it is hard to be sure what might be best.

Today I can start to sew! Stay tuned for pictures……

A few years ago I bought this blue and white iris after the blooming season. For the next two springs, it did not bloom and I thought I might remove it, but this year it is blooming and as gorgeous as I remember. I don’t know it’s name.

bluewhiteirisLooks like I still have weeding to do. Oh well, I will never catch up on that!

The Hellebores are STILL blooming! I think it started in February; what an amazing plant.


Keeping Busy

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Those charity quilts are coming along. This week I quilted and bound the big one and yesterday got the binding strips sewn onto the last small one.The hand work won’t take long. I am SO ready to start the next Inspirations piece!

I have also been knitting and completed 2 more sweaters from that fun one piece pattern; one for a new baby girl and one for her big brother.


They are knitted exactly alike, just with larger needles and yarn for the bigger one! Quick and fun!

Yesterday I entered two more shows and discovered that it was too late to enter one that I had planned on. It is surprising how long it takes to do show entries. They are all different so it never becomes routine.

A new book is out, “Cutting Edge Art Quilts” by Mary Kerr. I have quilts in it and my copy finally arrived. It is a beautiful book and I have enjoyed looking at all of the amazing work!!

“Just Dandy” is in the Topeka Designer’s Show House and I have reports that is looks wonderful there. I hope to get by and see it soon.


I was really glad to be asked to participate because it is good for people to see how nice quilted art looks in a home setting.

In between all that I am still battling the weeds, a never ending war that I seem to be loosing. Now that the weather has turned hot, with no rain all week I am having to water the new things.

Busy Weekend

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

It was a busy weekend; we went early to the annual Gardener’s plant sale on Saturday, but it was not as good as usual. I didn’t get much. From there we went to the Farmer’s Market where I found a few more things. Even so, it was hot and it took me most of the afternoon to plant everything so I guess it was a good thing I didn’t find more! Checked the peach tree and it looks like no peaches are developing so I guess the crazy weather wins in spite of our diligence in covering up. We did loose quite a lot due to the stress of the drought last summer and the harsh winter/spring. I keep finding missing plants and dead shrubs.

Sunday was the great grandson’s third birthday party and he had a great time, especially with his favorite gift, the John Deere tractor! It’s battery powered and he mastered steering and even backing up very quickly.


Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

I started quilting in 1984, and also started collecting fabrics! In the beginning I was mostly doing traditionally based things, but with a slant toward something a little different, artsy, maybe. Fabrics were pretty calico-y for the most part, back then. Some of the stuff I bought then is still on the shelf today taking up valuable space. Those fabrics will never fit into the things I am doing now and more desirable fabrics are living on a chair for want of shelf space. The sensible thing to do is to get rid of some of that old stuff so I decided to make some charity quilts for my guild. They are always asking for kid’s quilts. One of the agencies is for the homeless population and every child gets their own quilt.


For some reason, probably because it wasn’t calico, I bought this whole line and have, over the years, only used a little of it. There was enough to end up with this almost twin size quilt that a teenager might like. Four different black and whites will make up the back and this is next in line to be machine quilted.


These are smaller, baby or toddler size. The smaller one on the top features a red truck print along with an abstract which is also on the back. The one below that has a very old teddy bear print with plaid and an an early Virginia Robertson print with plaid and two orange prints on the back. The larger one started with the Noah’s Ark animal print and attempted to use up the leftovers from the preceding ones, with an African print on the back. It is quilted but still needs a binding.circusquilt

This one started with an old circus print. The back is black and white stripes, I quilted it yesterday, and have yet to bind it.

This endeavor was not fun.  I did use up a lot of fabric, which was good, but not enough to warrant the time I spent away from what I enjoy doing. I don’t think I can stand to do anymore and will probably just donate some fabric so people who enjoy this sort of thing can use them. I do feel good about having some quilts to donate that I hope someone will enjoy, but that is time gone, that I will never get back, and I do have art quilts that I am anxious to work on!!


Off Line And Out Of Touch

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

In late April, I started having trouble getting online. When the provider found out that my husband had ordered an upgrade they would not help with the old system at all so for a week I was totally offline. When the scheduled day arrived for them to come and install the new system it was snowing. Hard. In May.


So they canceled and we had to wait to be rescheduled. When we were finally back online I discovered that AOL no longer worked. There went another few days as I worked with my “new best friend” in India who called me every day at 4 for 3 or 4 days. I got to where I could understand him pretty good and now things are seemingly back to normal. Knock on wood.

During that time I was pretty busy though. Maybe tomorrow I will show you. You will be surprised!