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In The Studio and In The Garden

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

I’m a little over two weeks into the new work and a little over half finished with the top. I am taking my time and not pushing to finish as there is no rush this time. It is fun to work with no pressure for a change!

Outside things are looking good; lots of things blooming right now and the work I did last fall, thinning and moving and transplanting is paying off with happy plants. Look at this daylily – Oklahoma Kicking Bird! It’s never been this huge for me before!! This was yesterday and today there are three blooms just like it.


This pink lily has multiplied nicely from the one original potted plant. Luscious color!


These rocks are held in place only by weight and balance. If you are good at doing this, you can balance that top one on it’s point, but I am not that good. It stays through storms and snow, but a squirrel can take it out in a moment, much to his surprise!


Computer Scare

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

I am loving the new project and making good progress.

Had a computer scare on Sunday when my older computer, the one that I keep to run my old version of Quickbooks and Photoshop said it’s disk was full and died.¬† Since that happened I have also had problems printing because my laptop communicates through the other computer to the printer, and problems sometimes getting online.¬† My computer guy came today and rebooted the old computer and it came up good as new.¬† Turns out it has plenty of disk space and just had some kind of a glitch perhaps due to weather or old age. It was scarey, because, of course I don’t back up as often as I should!

A couple of years ago, I planted Liriope as a ground cover along the top of the bank along the driveway, hoping it would make a neat edge between the grass and the bank that can’t be mowed.¬† It is taking off nicely and I have been weeding the grass so it shows up. Now, hopefully my husband will cut up to it when he mows and it will continue to grow and fill in.


Liriope does so well here that the original 6 pack has multiplied to the extent that I have plenty to transplant wherever I need groundcover.¬† I recently put some on the bank by the new storm shelter and it will look great once it fills in.¬† Things are growing so well right now that I am having to treat some of my plants, like Lamb’s Ear and some herbs, like Mint and Oregano like weeds and just pull them out and throw them away before they kill their neighbors!

Sewing and Gardening

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

I’m excited to be sewing again! Lots of progress yesterday, but I am considering this one for another exhibit that does not allow showing of the work prior to the exhibit. I enjoy showing the step by step, and I know you enjoy seeing that, so I am sorry that this seems to be a trend these days. I am taking pictures and can show them later.

I have a weakness for blue flowers, here are some campanella and I think that is some kind of a sage. Everything is lush and lovely right now.


The Clematis Rugguchii grew so big and heavy this year that it toppled its support and sprawled on top of its neighbors. There is a lot of that going on in my garden this year, I think some thinning out is in my future.

ClematisRuguI thought this was dead last summer after it was attacked and stripped by the blister beetles, but it has come back better than ever!

This coneflower was purchased last year, cheap and unmarked.


I got only one thinking it was just your basic purple coneflower, but I wish I had gotten more; this is quite nice! I have had bad luck with coneflowers in the past, it seems they like a well drained spot so I put this one at the top of a bank where it seems to be very content.

Catching Up

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

The weather Sat was perfect for my meeting here of the SAQA regional group. We were a small gathering, but had a great time visiting, sharing, eating and showing off our work. Plans were made to meet again in September.

It rained 6″ on Monday and into Tuesday. Our farm pond which has been dry for several years now is full and overflowing. Today it is raining again.¬† The gardens are so happy but I know that the hot dry weather to come will stress them badly after this excess.

I packed 5 quilts for shipping on Monday.¬† Two, “Harrier Hunting” and “Who, Me?” to go to the Brigham City Museum in Utah for an exhibit lasting from July 1 to August 23,



and three, “Bignonia”, “Majesty” and “Colorado Kids” to the Aullwood AudubonCenter in Dayton, Ohio for their show “Wild Lands, Wild Life” from June 28 to August 24. Check them out if you are in the areas.





Locally “Raven Brings Light To The World”, Baltimore Oriole” and “What’s Up At The 4-H Fair?” are showing at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery¬† in the “Fur, Fins and Feathers” exhibit.

Yesterday I cut the first pieces for the next project and put them on the wall. This has been in the planning stages for some time, but one thing or the other has kept me from it. It feels good to be creating again.