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Learning Art

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Yesterday was an art filled, learning kind of a day. First I enjoyed my Art History class where I am learning so much that I did not know. It meets twice a week and the teacher is so enthusiastic and interesting, he makes it fun!

Then in the evening, a meeting of my Art Quilt group where, after sharing our Show and Tell, we had demonstrations on Discharging followed by hands on working with the various techniques. I opted to be an observer since I came direct from class and wasn’t really dressed for playing with bleach! I’m planning to test some of my fabrics though to see what color is underneath for an idea that I have! It looked like a lot of fun with very quick results.

Total Eclipse, Splash

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

I got up really early yesterday morning to see the total eclipse of the moon. The sky was clear and the view was great! Then about half way through some clouds moved in and it was touch and go; but even then it was beautiful with the clouds all backlit. You can see the interesting reddish glow that was the shadow of the Earth.


Most of my pictures were pretty bad because it’s hard to hold the camera still enough but I’m sure you saw better ones on the news or online. At least I was there!

Here’s my latest masterpiece!


“Splash” 40 x 40″. The timing was right and the quality good enough, I thought, to enter it into Quilt National this year. They require that the work be kept undercover so I usually don’t have anything available to enter. They did not accept it so I am free to show it now. I used a combination of hand dyed and commercially printed fabrics in this entirely pieced, larger than life toddler.  I especially like the way the batik contains reflection colors and some white that looks like foamy waves. Most of the fabrics in the hair are printed “grass” fabrics. Heavily machine quilted with various threads to compliment the fabrics.

Third Weekend In October

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

No, I know we are not there yet. But…

I always know when some online group is talking about “Third Weekend In October” because sales of the pattern skyrocket and my blog reader statistics show a huge increase. Keepsake Quilting carried this pattern for years, they called it “October Weekend” and it was one of their best sellers. Mine, too. I keep a yearly count of sales and at the end of 2013 had sold 31,394 of them since it came out in 1994!

It’s a unique scrap quilt pattern and not as hard as you might think. All straight seam sewing with some foundation papers to make it easier, you make it one unit at a time and sew them together into 9 patches, then into rows in the traditional way. The quilt is 84 x 104″. I have never increased it’s price so it is a bargain at $7.00. Click on “Patterns” in the side bar to purchase. There is also a smaller, wall hanging version, same technique but fewer pieces, called “New Leaves Wall Hanging” if the big one scares you!

Prairie Power Wins

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

We had our first frost last night so it’s a good thing we brought all the tender plants inside for the winter. Brrrr– I am not ready for this! We didn’t get much of the predicted rain but I did, at least, get out and plant some of the seeds I have been given.

Last evening was First Friday at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and we had a better than usual turnout for the reception. Since it was our annual judged show of Kansas themed art from Kansas artists, there was perhaps more publicity, so that was gratifying. My entry, “Prairie Power” was awarded Third Place against some very tough competition.prpower450 copy