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Spring Burning

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Another thing about spring — here in Kansas at least, it is the season for burning the pastures and the prairie. The burns are planned and carefully scheduled and are necessary for managing healthy grasslands. They are also a thing of beauty, especially at night, and there is a lot of art inspired by them. I have made 5 or 6 wallhangings on the subject and they have all sold, even the last one intended for my own wall! Better get busy and make another, or maybe try my hand at a watercolor version.


Focus Friday – Wrented

Friday, March 11th, 2016

This week spring has sprung – the trees are blooming and some are even leafing out. There are daffodils everywhere and it is beautiful! There is much activity at the bird feeders and nests are being built. Spring inspires everyone to get busy.

Wrenovations complete, the Wren family has moved in and set up housekeeping! So I thought an appropriate choice for today’s focus would be “Wrented”. If you’ve ever wondered about the process of picture piecing, I’ve produced a few little wall hanging patterns to show you how fun and easy it actually is. “Wrented” is 24 x 24″, the design is charted with colors and numerical order of piecing listed, for easy straight seam sewing. Fat quarters work well for the background and birdhouse, the rest can probably be found in your scraps or stash!

INNOVATiONS #10856- “Wrented” – 24 x 24″ $9.00
Click on PATTERNS in the side bar to order.

The pattern sample quilted wall hanging is for sale, $300.00 Machine pieced and machine quilted. Email if interested.

Week In Review

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

It’s been a busy and productive week. Most of Monday was spent watercolor painting for my homework assignment of “waves”,  and I was pleased with this, my second try that day of seeing what could happen when you just throw paint at a wet sheet of paper and see what happens when you let it blend itself (with a little help tipping and spraying more water.) I won’t be showing you the first try!!! After that first part dries, you add the finishing touches. I see a few places that could use a little more finishing, but my instructor was happy with it, so I guess it is done!


Tues in class we started working on architectural forms and I painted the shed and horse that are the basis for my quilt “Cloudy With A Chance of Rain” (See Gallery here on the website) I used the same reference photo for the shed, but added a different horse. OK, but nothing to write home about! Thursday in class I started this castle from a photo I took in Wales. I can’t remember the name of the castle, but it didn’t have all this foliage around it. That is purely the result of using the aformentioned throwing paint method. Way more yellow got into the sky than I would have liked, but it’s OK, part of the fun of this technique! Yesterday at home, I developed the foreground.


Not too much work this week on the quilt. I’m not happy with some of the grass fabrics, so it may be time for some shopping!KSlandscape2

Focus Friday

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Focus Friday on a Saturday this week, because, well, I forgot! I’m going to go for color this week with “Endless Possibilities”. The block is simple, only four seams! But the possibilities are endless!!

This pattern includes instructions and fabric requirements for a lap quilt, a wall hanging, place mats and a table runner. The photo shows the 60 x 63″ lap quilt illustrating the possibilities of a multitude of scraps, or possibly you would rather do planned design, with only a few coordinated fabrics. It’s all in the pattern. Possibly you will work small, possibly you will work large, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


“Endless Possibilities” – many possible sizes – $9.00
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The sample quilt is for sale, machine pieced and machine quilted, for $1250.00. Email for details. The wall hanging sample is also for sale, approx 49 x 37″, it can be seen on my website, listed above. You will be surprised at how different it looks!!