K1, P1

Since Thanksgiving, while waiting for the Muse to strike, I have worked on UFOs and knitted two dog sweaters. These are for my daughter’s Yorkies, being so small they don’t take long at all. The first one got away before it was photographed but the second one is this red one with hearts knitted in the design.

Yesterday evening I started the third; two more to go after that.  I’ll try to get photos of them on the dogs sometime.

My empty design wall is starting to bug me so I am beginning to think I might start something new soon!

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2 Responses to “K1, P1”

  1. Karen Says:

    Are you using a pattern? We have a yorkie and a silky, and I’d love to find a pattern that is the right size for them.

  2. rose Says:

    Reminds of Jumba and the Halloween bee costume!

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