Last evening was the People’s Choice Awards for the Inspirations exhibit and the pair, “Playground” photograph by Tammy Patterson and my “Colorado Kids” won First Place! The staff of the Classic Bean also voted for their favorite and we were honored to receive that as well!! Click on Mt Goats tag below to see them. We already have plans to collaborate for next year’s exhibit in spite of the fact that one of the other photographers suggested I might like to just bow out. I don’t think so.

Yesterday we had high speed satellite internet service installed and it is so much faster than the old dial-up.  I thought it would save me lots of time, but I don’t know!  I am finding so much more to look at that I may spend MORE, rather than less time on-line!!

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2 Responses to “Award”

  1. rose Says:

    Congrats on your honor! Any idea what your subject will be for the next time? Yes, high-speed internet may not help you be more speedy.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Yes, I have already chosen one of Tammy’s photographs–an Elk!

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