Snow, Spam And How I Spent My Week

More snow, more coming; enough already. I know it could be worse, but this is bad enough!

I’ve managed to get a little quilting done this past week, but I am just not really into it right now. The parts with no pins is done but you can’t see the stitching very well.

The 2000 piece puzzle is maybe three quarters done, and has been a focus along with getting the books caught up to file sales tax, and some knitting. I have not been outside to walk and get some fresh air and it makes me unmotivated!

This week I have had an inordinate amount of spam on this blog, which is VERY time consuming. Some to enlarge parts I don’t even have, etc, that are easy to spot and delete, but mostly posts that are phishing for something. They will be full of compliments that are so ambiguous they could just as easily apply to golfing as quilting. I have spent hours this week dealing with this and I don’t “get” it. If you have sent me a legitimate post that did not get approved please be more focused, I don’t want to ignore YOU!.

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2 Responses to “Snow, Spam And How I Spent My Week”

  1. Gerrie Says:

    Srah – do you have Akismet? It catches all of the spam before it gets to my blog. I just mark it as spam and move on.

  2. Gwynette Says:

    You have a LOT of snow, Ruth!! Ours is melting at a good rate.

    This must be ‘not motivated’ week. I’ve had trouble getting into a project, but on the bright side, I’ve not been fighting SPAM!!


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