Wednesday I taught a hand quilting class. It seemed strange, felt like it ought to be Saturday! But the class went well and was fun. I think it actually jump started me and I got started on a new design. This beautiful poppy was in the park in Vancouver – don’t you love the way light plays with flower petals?


This will probably be a new pattern. I have just started to cut the fabric; still have not sewn anything though.

Other accomplishments last week were finishing up the books to date for sales tax and getting a quilt sent off to the Asheville NC show. Because it was very late coming home from being in Florida for the I-4 Corridor Exhibit, I was forced to pay $85.00 to ship “Watermelon Wine” Next Day Air in order to get it there on time. But since it had been accepted, I felt obligated to have it get there if at all possible. I think keeping one’s word is very important and I only wish everyone felt that way as I had specifically checked before entering it to be sure it could be home on time. I had assurance that my quilt would go out as soon as the show closed, instead it didn’t go out til the 8th, arriving home on Friday afternoon. Not only was this an unnecessary monetary drain, it was very stressful. Not very professional at all!

This fun site just came to my attention for all you animal lovers out there. Just click here
and answer an easy quiz question to provide free kibble to shelter animals!

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  1. Gwynette Says:

    What a glorious Poppy! They are one of my favorite flowers to think about painting or doing on a quilt. I’m not sure if it’s the tissue delicacy, the boldness of the center against the petals, or the color variations of the petals. I’m sure your pattern will capture the essence of the bloom.

    I’m sure waiting for your quilt was nerve racking and unsettling. Watermelon Wine is a step back in time for me. Hope it wins something.

  2. Del Says:

    Gorgeous poppy picture – I eagerly await the gorgeous quilt you will create! Thanks for the Kibble site, I’ve added it to my list:
    Sending good thoughts your way. Del

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