Hot,Hot, Hot

We are sweltering here in Kansas; for the last few days temperatures have reached 98-100 with heat indexes around 105! Yesterday afternoon with a possibility of rain the temps dropped the breeze came up, and it was quite lovely outside. I watered a few plants that were looking stressed, plants that have been only recently planted, and a good thing, too! The rain never came. I sat on the deck and noticed that the first blue blooms of the Chaste Tree are out. I love blue flowers. The blue Balloon Flowers are in full bloom now and my Clematis Rogoochii (sp?) which was blooming it’s little head off the day before was stripped to it’s skeleton by some insidious creature. I hope it can recover!

Mostly I stayed inside and quilted, and the poppy quilt is nearly done!

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2 Responses to “Hot,Hot, Hot”

  1. Del Says:

    You are amazing. Seems as if you only started Poppy a few days ago. A view of the completed quilt is eagerly awaited. Love!

  2. Gwynette Says:

    Bummer about the bugs. Your Clematis Roguchi probably needs some Sevin Spray now that the blossoms are gone and the hummingbirds won’t be interested. The black ‘squash’ bugs like my Sweet Autumn clematis and I have to keep it sprayed until August when it starts to bud. Also, yours will probably leaf back out soon and maybe a few blooms. I’m sure the ‘little buggers’ didn’t harm the roots.

    Looking forward to seeing Poppy quilted.

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