August update

Well!  It has been some time since I checked in here. I guess I am a one trick pony with a one track mind – once I get started on a project it is all I want to do.  I finished the hand work on the binding Thursday, “Mon Grand Père” is done! The entry requirements are different from any others I have done and took some pondering, but that is done as well, and I sent it off Saturday morning. So – it is out of my hands.

Next project? I need to get a better photograph of the Poppy quilt to send off for the cover and write the pattern and get that off to the printer. Fall Market will be here before we know it!

Even though it is August still, (barely), fall is in the air. Hot afternoons turn chilly as soon as the sun gets low.  I have enjoyed a few late afternoons in the hammock in the shade garden where it is always breezy and cool with Stephen King’s latest book. “Duma Key” is the kind that I like, that he writes. Of course I am only half way through, so it may be too soon to say that it is about real people, not monsters as he sometimes features.

It’s sort of distracting to try and read out there because of all the birds to watch, especially the hummingbirds! One actually came and hovered about a foot from my face and checked me out. Mostly they zip and zoom like mini fighter jets being very territorial and stingy with the feeders.

Yesterday I taught a Machine Quilting workshop at a local shop – it’s always fun and gratifying to see the progress attained in such a short time, I know if they practice they’ll do great!  AND, what a great opportunity to buy more fabric!!!  I found four new batiks that may make their way into my next project.

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4 Responses to “August update”

  1. DEL Says:

    Ruth – I’m glad you have finished Gran Pere and sent off the entry form. I’m sending many good thoughts for acceptance. Your reading in the hammock sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, Mary and Joe don’t have a hammock or I would spend tomorrow in it, reading, napping, mumbling to myself. Sounds like a good way to spend a significant B’day, eh? Hard to be on someone else’s computer and on dialup at that. I’ll be home on Wednesday and will write more then. Love, Del

  2. Ruth Says:

    You can check out the hammock for yourself next spring! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Gwynette Says:

    I’ve been missing your ‘musings’, but I also knew that you would be busy. Glad the ‘Mon Gran Pere’ is on it’s way. I am curious about the ‘different entry requirements’.

    I used to read Stephen King, but I thought he kind of went around the bend with some of his novels. I like John Saul and Dean Koontz now. They have a penchant for the abnormal without bending my mind to far (that’s not hard to do).

    Enjoy the hammock while you can. Jack Frost will slip up on us soon. I’ll be at Nita’s the first two weeks of Oct., so will experience the KS weather first hand.

    I know the pattern will be a success.

    Happy birthday, Del!! All birthdays are significant at this stage of the game. I have one coming up this month. Gwynette

  4. Ruth Says:

    Gwynette wondered about the “different” entry requirements. Most of the shows have gone to digital entries now and they have to be put on a CD usually at 72dpi, and sent in. QN requires the usual 2 images, a full shot and a detail shot, but one set has to be sized at 96dpi at a certain measurement and then placed in a folder labeled “for jury”. Then a second set has to be made at 300dpi, another measurement and placed in another folder labeled “for print”. Then the two folders holding the 4 photos need to be burned to the CD. Since I work on a Mac and they probably use a PC, I wanted to open the CD on a PC to be sure the folders would open Ok and the pics would be good. I took the CD to the library but they wouldn’t let me look at it there, so I took it to my daughter’s and it was fine, so I hope it is good. I was running short on time and wanted to get it in the mail before the holiday.

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