Harrier Top Finished

Yesterday I tried to update my blog, but WordPress would not let me in!

Last week was pretty busy and I only found time to work sporadically. Time is running out though and I was determined to finish the Harrier on Saturday which I did!

I was not happy with the way the tail sort of disappeared and it is hard to tell the tail from the wing (which I hope will be remedied with the quilting) The leading edge of the tail feathers are seen at an angle and so they do not stand out as much. I laid in some snippets of white which some Harriers actually have and I thought that it would be worth working another day to unsew and add in an edge of white to the tail feathers.

I think it was worth it!  Love that sky which is a hand dyed fabric that I  got at the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild fall sale.

Today I will start the quilting.

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