Birds and Blooms

This spring’s first sighting of a hummingbird was this morning! We have had the feeder out for a week at least, in anticipation.

Here is my newest acquisition for the shade garden, a double Columbine in pink and white. The flash kind of washed out the color, but it is really quite lovely. I hope it makes it here.

This Iris aptly named Kansas Blizzard is blooming now. Other Irises blooming now are yellow, purple, blue and some the color of orange sherbet!

I love this tiny Euonymous ground cover, the largest leaves are about a half an inch long and look nice against the Hosta which is a medium sized variety. I lost a couple of Hostas this past winter. Must have been too dry, it sure wasn’t too cold!

Thunder is rumbling so I need to shut down the computer.  I think these rain cups are about to be filled!!

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2 Responses to “Birds and Blooms”

  1. Del Says:

    Beautiful. What’s a rain cup? Love, Del

  2. Ruth Says:

    See that cluster, I think there are six little cupped shapes on stems that hold water when it rains. They sway and tinkle in the wind. Looks like I need to trim the grass at the edges!

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