Gardening and CatchUp Time

It’s been a whirlwind week with so much to do and catch up on. I finally downloaded my pictures from the Colorado trip. I didn’t get much before my battery went dead and I had neglected to bring the cord to recharge. Now I know why it went dead so fast! I accidentally had it set to video, so where I thought I was getting one shot it was really many. Spent some time this morning deleting hundreds of duplicate pictures.


The perennial borders at The Denver Botanic Gardens may give me some ideas for planting combinations at home. I have been inspired to spend some time in the garden since coming home, as the rain and cooler temps tempt me to transplant and weed. Actually there aren’t so many weeds anymore as I seem to have gotten pretty much ahead of them this year!

The blister beetles have stripped the Clematis Ruguchii which was gorgeous this year. They sneaked in and stripped it overnight and I am afraid

ClemRuguchit may not recover as usually it puts out new growth right away and there is nothing there now but a skeleton.  They moved on to the Sweet Autumn Clematis, but I have fought back and that is doing OK.

A couple of mornings have been lost to paper work, show entries and shipping quilts and patterns.   It always takes so much longer than you think it should.  I discovered that I have nothing to send to Asheville or PaNational this year, but I did get two quilts shipped off to Houston, which will give me three pieces there this fall plus I hope to get a Silent Auction piece made for them.  Next in line is quilting the Eagles, but for now I am concentrating on getting the book keeping caught up, a job that I hate, so I always let it get away from me!


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