Eagles Soar Finished

“Eagles Soar” , 22 x 32″ is finished! Normally I work on a piece start to finish before starting another, but for some reason this one got set aside, probably because it’s deadline was not until late September! I finished the quilting on Thursday, blocked it and then did the binding on Friday. This will be one of my entries for “Inspirations” this year.


I’ve said it before, quilting skies is hard for me. I think it is because I have a tendency to quilt heavily which seems counter intuitive, skies being so airy and light, it’s hard to keep that look with heavy quilting.


For his piece, I decided to give a nod to traditional quilting patterns by using a lot of feather designs to compliment the unusual sky treatment. I used two different varigated threads in the sky, a darker one in shades of blue and a lighter one that had a lot of yellow with some pink and blue. I am happy with how it turned out!


For some time I have wanted to participate in NinaMarie’s “Off The Wall Friday” and today is the day for me to give it a try. Clicking on the above link should take to a page where you can see LOTS of wonderful works! Enjoy!!

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