Beneficial Burn

Finally got photos of “Beneficial Burn” which I have been beading and finishing up.

BeneficialBurnBurning of the grasslands is common here in the Flinthills and is done to improve the land.  I learned when “Prairie Fire”


was honored at Houston with the Fairfield Award For Contemporary Artistry, that some people view fire as destructive and tragic, but here it is done on purpose and is controlled, so it is a good thing, thus the name!  And very beautiful to behold, especially at night!

I like how the beads catch the light and give a bit of subtle spark effect as you walk past it.


Lots of time and hand work involved, but worth it, I think. Finishing at 59.5 x 28″, it is a nice size and a panoramic view of the prairie.


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  1. Martha Ginn Says:

    I love the name you gave this piece! Fire can be so frightening and destructive, but also beneficial and necessary. We have long had a fascination with fire, and you have captured its beauty.

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