Officially Retired!

My trip to the Greater Kansas City Quilt Guild was perfect!¬† It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t, so that was good. The equipment worked and the audience was appreciative and very supportive.¬† I even got to touch base with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I know I am going to miss those aspects of traveling to do presentations and workshops for guilds, but the hardships of travel and the extensive prep time has won out and I am officially retired! It feels good.

Everyone asks “What are you going to do now?” Well for sure, I am going to sew and continue to make quilts for sale and competition. I hope to do more traveling just for the fun of it. Maybe there will be enough time to keep things neater around here and in the garden. I’m quite sure I will be plenty busy!

Now that I am not traveling to do trunk shows, I do not need all of the sample quilts, especially now that I am winding down the pattern business. My plan is to sell out the inventory I have, but not to design new ones or reprint the existing ones. And since I no longer need all of those samples I will be offering them for sale at reasonable prices.

Maybe I will even do a better job of keeping up this blog!

With that in mind I think I will institute “Focus Friday” where I will feature an INNOVATIONS pattern and it’s sample. Today is Sept 11, so I am focusing on “From The Ashes”, my tribute to 9/11.


approximately 38 x 39″¬† pattern: $8.00. ¬† To purchase, click on “Patterns” in the sidebar.


From the ashes of the World Trade Center, America will rise, stronger than ever.  Lady Liberty stands proud in the harbor as she has done since 1886, with her message of freedom.

Pieced Tumbling Blocks done in shades of gray represent the destruction, but they morph into golden stars of hope as America will recover. Add hand or machine applique and a message – either the one included in the pattern – or your own sentiment or memorial.

ashescloseupSample quilt approximately  37 x 38 , $200.00.  To purchase, email me.

Machine pieced, machine appliqued and free motion machine quilted with cotton and metallic threads.


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