It’s Been A Long Time

Much has happened since last I posted here. Our daughter Karen died on Oct 26, very unexpectedly. Plans to go to Houston were cancelled. Our other daughter arrived from AZ for the funeral and to stay through her father’s scheduled surgery three days later. That went well, but a few days after she left to go home, he developed a bad reaction to the pain medication and I had a couple of scary days until the effects wore of and he regained normalcy.

In the meantime we were sorting through Karen’s things, donating most of it to various agencies. This is a very sad and time consuming process and I can’t express enough, the need for everyone to get a jump start and sort your own things while you can. Thank you, Cindy, for all your help! After the furniture, books, clothing and other personal stuff there are still boxes of papers that haven’t been gone through yet.

I had no desire to create, but somewhere along the line, I forced myself to get into the studio one Saturday morning and make two little 6 x 6” pieces for a local gallery’s annual Christmas Mini show and sale. It was something that I had been wanting to do, but was unsure if they would be accepted, since they were textile pieces. Everything gets uniformly framed in a wide black frame with a gold accent, very classy. They were accepted and they sold quickly! I was asked to make more, so I did two more and those also quickly sold. At that point the owner asked if I would make a large prairie fire piece for him to show and sell in the gallery. This finally gave me a focus and got me back into design and create mode. It has been fun to have a goal again and yesterday I delivered the finished piece which is 56.5 x 27” to the SouthWind Gallery here in Topeka in time for this month’s First Friday opening.

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4 Responses to “It’s Been A Long Time”

  1. susan Hilsenbeck Says:

    Ruth — So sorry to hear your sad news. I cannot even imagine… Your piece in Houston was beautiful, and your new fire piece is amazing. Be well.

  2. Ruth Powers Says:

    Thank you Susan! It was good to hear from you.

  3. Sheila Fernkopf Says:

    I’ve followed you since I joined Kansas Capital Quilters guild in 1998. I so admire all your work! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family for all the tough days ahead. I’m glad you had a reason you needed to make your quilts. Please take care.

  4. Ruth Powers Says:

    Thank you, Sheila, it does help to keep busy!

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