“On The Verge”

The opening of the EDGE group’s “On The Verge” exhibit last night was lovely! As usual the Sabatini Gallery in Topeka outdid itself and mounted a beautiful show that spotlighted the diverse works of the membership.

My entry, “Layers Of The Flinthills” had a wall all to itself – a purple wall!

My camera had a hard time capturing the exact color, on my screen this shot is closest and gives a more accurate depiction of the sky, as well..

A few other random shots of the show–I’m sorry I didn’t get names for all of them, but artists represented in the show are Dora Agbas, Kansas City; Sharon Bass, Kansas; Linda Beach, Louisiana; Jette Clover, Belgium; Shawn Delker, Kansas; Eileen Doughty, Virginia; Linda Filby-Fisher, Kansas City; Carla Fisher, Pennsylvania; Mary Kay Fosnacht, Kansas City; Karen Anne Glick, Pennsylvania; Karen Goetzinger, Ontario, CA; Karen Hansen, Kansas City; Linda Jurkiewicz, Kansas City; Mary B. Pal, Ontario, CA; Ruth Powers, Kansas, Virginia Spiegel, Illinois; Karen Stiehl Osborn, Nebraska; and, Charlotte Ziebarth, Colorado. .

Linda Beach- In A Different Light

Mary Pal – The Drifter

Shawn Delker – Hope Of Spring

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