Emu wins at Houston!

“Emu, I See You” has been awarded second place in the miniature category in Houston! How I wish I could be there to celebrate!!

EMU, I SEE YOU!  12 X 12

However, my husband had some pretty serious heart surgery around the first part of September and he is only just now getting well enough to even consider traveling so I am at home.

I have been hand quilting on the “Oak and Acorn” quilt and doing a few small pieces for the Christmas Mini show at Topeka’s SouthWind Gallery. Thinking about getting back to making something larger, now, as the weather seems to be seriously considering winter, having sent us our first snow already!

If you are near Topeka, check out SouthWind’s Mini show and sale; for the first time ever, I was not able to get an entry in to the Topeka Art Guild Gallery’s ” Kansas” show this year.

Word just in from a friend at Houston– “Emu” is sold. I have not heard anything official yet though!

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  1. susan hilsenbeck Says:

    Ruth — I saw the quilt with its ribbon. So wonderful. Congratulations. I was walking through the show with my friend and was so proud to say — “look at this wonderful quilt, I know her”. Emu was in very good company, and a miniature by Philippa Naylor won a a BIG prize.

  2. Ruth Powers Says:

    Thank you Susan, I really wish I could be there!

  3. Ruth Powers Says:

    Update on “Emu”– it did sell at Houston and now resides in Germany!

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