Sample Done!

The last Coneflowers sample is finished and ready to be shipped off to GA today.


I HOPE it is the last one!! I don’t usually need to make this many samples, but this class HAS been popular! I just got word that the August Wichita one is filled. I am so ready to start a brand new project, but I don’t see that happening real soon.

I have been working on setting up the slide shows for the four guilds in GA in Sept and Oct. I much prefer to bring just the real quilts but with flying that is not an option. I will be able to bring one suitcase of quilts, so I think that plus the slides will suffice.

Even though I did get the sales tax figured and paid on time, I am no where near caught up on the rest of the bookwork and that is nagging me to get on with it. Yesterday it rained much of the day which always makes me want to go out and weed when it finishes and I did do that for an hour and would like to do some more today. But first I need to get the package ready for UPS and pay some bills. I feel like a juggler with too many balls in the air!

This afternoon when I go to town, I need to go by Lowes and see if we have “Coconut Lime” Coneflowers. Thanks for the heads up, Gwynette! I love how they get petals all up the center.

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  1. Gwynette Says:

    I hope you can find them. I really want more to make a “statement’ at the top of rock bank off the front porch. I have lovely white and hot pink ones there now.

    Of course I’m on a quest for fabric for my ‘cone’ on the piece I started in your workshop. I think I’ve found one and will maybe enhance where it meets the flower with a green pigma pen.

    Nita and family will be here Monday, so no quilting for most of next week, but pond fishing and walking our trails in the woods will do fine. You sound as frustrated as I feel about not getting on with MY quilting.

    I actually flirted with the idea of going to Wichita to stay with Gene’s cousin and go to the guild meeting. She is crazy about quilts, but doesn’t quilt.

    Safe traveling to you. Gwynette

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