Perhaps you thought that I had disappeared from the face of the earth, but, no. I have just been away on a lovely trip to the Amish country of PA. I wish that I had brought my camera because it was like a picture postcard around every corner! The fields turning brilliantly green, daffodils everywhere and all of the lovely spring flowering trees bursting forth.

I taught three different workshops there and in the morning on my way to class, we passed groups of Amish children carrying their lunch pails all dressed alike, walking to their little one room school houses. Horses and buggies clippity clopping along at a very businesslike trot makes one think they may have landed in another century! Too cool! Unfortunately the visit was clouded by less than perfect health as apparently I was allergic to some of those gorgeous spring trees or something.

This didn’t stop me from enjoying the Lancaster Quilt Show and seeing the sights with an old friend and meeting many new ones. A great big thank you to everyone who made my visit so special!

And now, it is back to the routine of life as I left it. No magic fairies came in the night to tie up all the loose ends that still await my attention.

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  1. Gwynette Says:

    Glad to see you blogging again, Ruth. We lived near Lancaster in the late 60’s and it was truly an ‘out of the era’ experience. Can hardly wait to see what you are working on next!!!

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