Well, I had good intentions, but when I went to take pictures yesterday my camera batteries were dead. My spares, too! In the meantime I was unable to get my website to open, so I wasted a lot of time for nothing. Some days are like that! But today everything is working as it should.

Moving on, I did manage to get some work done on the spring burning piece which is coming along nicely, but slowly.

Drifted¬†¬†¬† 23 X 15″

This little Kansas winter scene was made so that I would have an entry to the next Topeka Art Guild Gallery exhibit, “Wonderland in White”. It uses only three fabrics, the hill closest to us, using the backside of the fabric of the hill behind, plus a printed batik and the sky fabric.¬† The snow fence is a bit of a plastic onion bag and the fence post some folded twill tape. It’s quilted with Sulky rayon threads in white, gray, black, varigated white/blue and red.

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I wish you all the best one ever!¬† For us, we will celebrate tomorrow as family work schedules have interfered with the planning.¬† So today while you are all overeating and watching the ball games, I will be making pumpkin cheesecake and sewing while Roomba cleans for me. There’s much to be thankful for!



6 Responses to “Drifted”

  1. Patty VanHuis-Cox Says:

    I love this piece!!!

  2. Lori Gravley Says:

    It’s beautiful. I like the subtlety and the texture. Are the weeds/shrubs thread painted?

  3. Ruth Says:

    Thanks Patty and Lori! Those random black lines are printed into the batik. It’s an old piece of fabric that I always thought needed to be in a snow scene. Then there are some quilting lines in there too.

  4. Judith Anderson Says:

    Very interesting use of fabrics and the onion bag. It does the trick! A good small work.

  5. Norma Schlager Says:

    I think this is lovely! It amazing that you got so much impact from so few fabrics.

  6. Del Thomas Says:

    You saved the black on white print for the perfect place on a quilt and you found that perfect place. Great quilt. I hope your Thanksgiving was a Happy one. Love, Del

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