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I’ve been very busy tying up loose ends and dealing with the paperwork end of things. The books are caught up and the sales tax deadline met. I got my entry off in time for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. Actually so far I have made five entries for this year already!

So now I am ready to start the next project and I think that I will try to document it’s progress through daily step by step reports on this blog! Well that’s the plan anyway, we’ll see if I can actually keep up!

This new project is is for the Topeka Art Guild, for an exhibit called “Inspirations” in the fall. The concept is that the artists will pair up with a member who is a photographer and make an artwork inspired by a photograph. The photograph and the artwork will hang together in the exhibit. My photographer is Tammy Patterson and the photograph is of three Mountain Goat kids that she took in Colorado last year. Tammy has some wonderful animal photos that really appealed to me and made choosing hard! Of course her work is copyrighted so she signed a release for me so that I can legally use her work and show/sell the resulting piece.

Tammy calls this “Three’s Company”.  I’m leaning towards “Colorado Kids”. This photo is of the computer printout of Tammy’s photo, so being that it is several times removed from the original I think it is pretty good and gives you an idea of where I am going. I’m excited! More tomorrow!

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  1. Gwynette Says:

    Looking forward to the ‘dailies’. I’m leaving Wednesday for three weeks at Nita’s in north Central Kansas. I’m hoping to beat the freezing rain predicted here in AR for Thursday and Friday. Taking my Bernina and some projects so we can quilt together and have a lot of ‘girl time’. Also have a list of shops to visit, weather permitting. The photo does look like Colorado Kids out for a lark together. Gwynette

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