Snowy Sunday

The storm didn’t leave us with much snow, but there was ice and lots of accidents so it turned out to be a great day to sew! The dog looked as comfy as if he had good sense, sleeping in the ground cover, but I disturbed him with my
interruption to snap his photo.

The Stonehenge fabric that I had anticipated being perfect for the rock ledges is proving to be rather boring actually, so I have pulled some old fabrics from the stash to mix in. I removed a fern piece and replaced it with one that extends into the border, cut a piece of foliage to complete that corner and added a border to the opposite side.

Don’t really like that lower corner, so I laid the removed piece of fern in on top just to see the effect. I think it lightens that corner – time will tell!

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  1. Del Thomas Says:

    Seems like a silly place to sleep, but I’ll bet he has a thick enough coat that he doesn’t feel the cold. You should get a package tomorrow – maybe something you can use sometime. Love, Del

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