Rock Fabrics

More cliff base pieces. I’m really liking how this dark accent seems to compliment the goats and puts them in perspective within the scene. While still the focal point, they seem to look smaller, more like the babies they are, against the vastness of the mountain.

I need to work into lighter areas and you can see my problem:

I love this old fabric and have it in three colorways. It has served me well over the years, but now I am down to the dregs! I have too much fabric to fit on my shelves so it is nice to use some up, but also sad, when it is such a favorite!

By the end of the day I have placed some of the lights and pulled a light piece from the lower rocks to try up at the top. It is a piece of the Stonehenge fabric that is still available, so I got another yard of it. I think I will be able to finish, now.

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