I replaced the “borrowed” piece back to the lowers section and cut some pieces of the new fabric for the upper portion. Completing the section at the upper left required subdividing some of the units in order to use those small bits of fabric that I have to left work with.

I cut the two right border strips, making the fern one shorter and recutting the ledge rock to extend out to the edge. I pinned a bit of the fern fabric over some light rock fabric behind the front goats back leg that has been bothering me. That whole section of ledge should probably be darker.

Now that I am not distracted by the recorded Olympics Figure Skating, I feel like I made pretty good progress yesterday!

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3 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Gwynette Says:

    Fascinating as usual!!! I like looking back to see the difference the changes that you discuss make. You and I talked about this at class and I think this summer when I free up some time from commitments, I’m going to try this technique. Thanks for sharing your method. Gwynette

  2. rose Says:

    I can’t quite see all the little, tiny details that you mention, but I do know that it looks good to me, even when you aren’t making changes. I’d say you make good progress everyday.

  3. rose Says:

    How big will this piece actually be when it is all sewed together??

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