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Signs of Spring

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Two firsts for 2015–yesterday the first Oriole visited the hummingbird feeder and we found the first Morel mushroom. Only one, but it was a big one. I fried it up and we shared it, along with the first Asparagus and some ham! Yum!! Spring is officially here.


Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

This morning I got word that “Fur Family Portrait” was accepted and will be a part of the “Raining Cats and Dogs” exhibit premiering in Houston this fall! YEA!! Still can’t show it til the show opens……

Also had a very nice note from the folks at the Brigham City, Utah museum where “Harrier Hunting” and “Who, Me?” are on display, saying how well received the current show is and how much they love my two pieces. If you find yourselves in that area between now and August 23 be sure and stop in.  They are saying it’s their best quilt show ever!HarrierHunting

Catching Up

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

The weather Sat was perfect for my meeting here of the SAQA regional group. We were a small gathering, but had a great time visiting, sharing, eating and showing off our work. Plans were made to meet again in September.

It rained 6″ on Monday and into Tuesday. Our farm pond which has been dry for several years now is full and overflowing. Today it is raining again.  The gardens are so happy but I know that the hot dry weather to come will stress them badly after this excess.

I packed 5 quilts for shipping on Monday.  Two, “Harrier Hunting” and “Who, Me?” to go to the Brigham City Museum in Utah for an exhibit lasting from July 1 to August 23,



and three, “Bignonia”, “Majesty” and “Colorado Kids” to the Aullwood AudubonCenter in Dayton, Ohio for their show “Wild Lands, Wild Life” from June 28 to August 24. Check them out if you are in the areas.





Locally “Raven Brings Light To The World”, Baltimore Oriole” and “What’s Up At The 4-H Fair?” are showing at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery  in the “Fur, Fins and Feathers” exhibit.

Yesterday I cut the first pieces for the next project and put them on the wall. This has been in the planning stages for some time, but one thing or the other has kept me from it. It feels good to be creating again.

A Busy Week

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

It was cold and rainy, a good week to stay inside, though my husband ventured out and found some of the best morel mushrooms ever. Big and plentiful, we enjoyed as many as we could handle and froze the rest for later. The asparagus as well. To further mark the arrival of spring the hummingbirds and orioles have begun to arrive. Alas, I have seen no bluebirds yet. Still planting new stuff that loves this kind of weather in which to get established.

I finished the dogs quilt and named it “Fur Family Portrait”.  No photos til after the entry as requested by the venue, sorry. It is bound and only needs to be taken outside in the bright light to be scrutinized for stray threads. I plan to do that tomorrow when the temps return to the sunny 70’s. It’s time to get the deck furniture out!

Yesterday I took my sewing machine in for a past due cleaning and tuneup since I thought I had a small window of time when I could part with it. Sadly it is going to be three weeks before they can get to it. I have a spare if I get desperate.

Today is First Friday at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and I will be there from 2-8. “Jesse At The Lake” is still there on display. The members were challenged to do a small artwork to fit in 4×6 mats to donate as a fundraiser for the gallery. They are to be sold for $7.50 each to benefit the gallery.


Mine of course are quilted. I showed these plus one more last night at my small quilting group and one, a landscape was snapped up early!


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

“Eagles Soar” has been accepted to the Denver National show which will be May 1-4 in Denver. I’m shipping it out today.


My entries to the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild show both received Viewer’s choice awards in the wall quilts category. A First for “Snow Buddies”


and a Second for “Harrier Hunting”.


Thanks, everyone who voted, and thanks, MeaBernina for the $25.00 gift certificate!!

I’m hoping to finish the quilting on the new dogs quilt today or tomorrow, it seems to be taking forever, but as usual I am putting in a LOT of stitches! I have been spending quite a bit of time outside weeding and planting and am paying for it with spring allergy problems, which sap my energy.

Leaving For CA

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go, the weather is beautiful and I’m looking forward to sunny (?) California for a week. Asilomar, here I come! Can’t wait to meet my students and see all of the wonderful things they have planned!

Topeka Art Guild has opened their new show “Awesome America” showing til the end of March, and I have two pieces there – if you are in the vacinity be sure and stop in to see “Eagles Soar” and “Grasslands”.


Quilting In The Snow

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

It looks like the birds have been making quilting patterns in the snow… how neat is that!


Yesterday afternoon was spent packaging patterns and watching Pairs Figure Skating from Sochi. Also getting things organized for my up coming trip to Empty Spools. It looks like starting today the weather is going to warm up to above freezing and be clear so I can stop worrying about getting to the airport!

Grif2014Here is Griffin basking in the glory of cold – don’t feel sorry for him – we have to force him to come in and get warm! He’ll be on guard duty here while I am gone, holding down the fort along with my husband.




Quilt It-today

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Quilt It -today magazine has featured my “Early Birds” wallhanging in it’s Spring issue (March-April 2014), in Gathering Inspiration!


“Early Birds” was created for International Quilt Festival’s “Celebrate Spring” contest and it won Best of Show that year! It is owned by the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection.


Recently I attended a local art group gathering and we spent the evening dying fabric using baggies and a microwave oven – instant gratification!! I was specifically trying to come up with a fabric that might go with the scrap (shown) from the sky of the dog quilt that I am currently working on.  The results were not really what I was after, but perhaps some of it will work.  If not in this quilt, somewhere else. It’s always fun to see what you get, but I do not have the knowledge or control for predictable results!


Speaking of the dog quilt—I found out that I am not allowed to post pictures of it beyond what I have already done. So no more updates on that for now.

Updated Website

Friday, January 24th, 2014

I have spent the morning doing paperwork, scheduling quilts for traveling and updating the website. Finally added the two newest quilts, “Konza Prairie Spring”


and “Eagles Soar” to the gallery page.


It seems as though those things should not take as long as they do, but something always gives me trouble.  I don’t know why it will no longer let me position my photos in the center.


Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Here’s wishing you all good things in 2014!

Yesterday I finished up the 7 x 10 “Goldfinch in Winter” for SAQA.  I have also been working some on the dogs, but with Christmas, and all, have not made a lot of progress.  I’m still not happy with my available fabric choices for the sky and since I have no pressing deadline, I can take my time….

I had the goldfinch’s head all done before I remembered that the male has a black cap. The one in the photo I was working with is a female and that is how I made the one in the trading card, But I wanted the one for SAQA to be a male. So I had to lop off the top of his head and add some black!


Male goldfinches loose their bright gold color in winter and go sort of olive green like the females. When I see them at the feeder with bits of yellow coming in I know Spring is not too far away.

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