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Focus Friday – Bluebird

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

It must really be spring when you see that first flash of blue that means the Bluebirds are back! There is nothing quite like it, they really are special!

My series of Picture Piecing patterns includes this one, simply called “Bluebird”.


I have done the hard part for you, the plotting of the seam lines, so all you have to do is to follow the numerical order and color coding to sew the pieces together – all straight seams! It’s a super fun and satisfying way to have your own Bluebird of happiness right in your own home!


“Bluebird” INNOVATIONS #09355 24 x 24″¬† –¬†¬† $9.00

The workshop sample has already sold, but this pattern cover sample, machine pieced and free motion machine quilted,  is for sale at $300.00.

Not Much Going On!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Still no sewing here – I am working on the book keeping and the garden. It was exciting to see the Clematis Ruguchii come back to life and put out some new shoots, but then, again, one got stripped overnight! I dusted with Sevin to keep what’s left. I try not to use pesticides here, because there are so many birds.


Speaking of birds- the baby bluebirds have discovered the bird bath and like kids everywhere delight in splashing around. There are 4 or 5 of them all together and when they spread their wings you can see the blue coming in. Fun!

Saturday I had a Machine Quilting class locally, which was fun and resulted in the participants requesting a Picture Piecing workshop, so that will happen in December. Check out the teaching schedule if you are interested.

With the return of the typical hot dry weather we finally got our hay cut and baled into big round bales. Late this year because of the earlier rain, but a nice heavy crop!


Flash of Blue

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

It’s still hot and dry here. As I settled in last night to watch some TV, I could see the tree over the water garden and a brilliant flash of blue. I hadn’t seen bluebirds this year but nothing else is quite that color! I got up to see and there were four juvenile bluebirds getting drinks from the waterfall pool and sitting above on a branch! They stayed until a bluejay came along and ousted them. Others that are visiting for the water are robins, cardinals and the orioles. A few days ago we saw a doe going across the lawn in that direction as well, but she spooked and didn’t get that far. There are still some farm ponds in the area that have water, but both of ours are dry.

I sat out on the deck for a while yesterday morning while it was still cool and hand sewed on the binding of Bignonia after my walk. I think I will do that again today. It is so tranquil there in the shade with the sound of the waterfall and the splashing fish.

Kaw Valley Workshop

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

The workshop finished today and everyone did such a good job! I am always amazed at the beautiful coneflowers in all different colors, and the variety of wonderful fabrics that are piled on the tables. Everyone did Coneflowers except one–she had already taken that workshop and so wanted to do the bluebird instead. I hope to see many finished projects soon as they really got a good start!


It took two shots to get everyone in, there were so many participants!

I have been busy putting away and getting ready to take off early in the morning for Denver and the SAQA Conference. Doubt very much that I will post during the trip, technologically challenged as I am!

Bluebird Top Done

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I’ve been busy – albeit with things other than quilting lately – but I did manage between other things to finally complete the last bluebird sample top. As I expected there was quite a lot of “un-sewing” and replacing of unsatisfactory pieces. It was hard to get enough contrast between the medium-ish backgrounds and the medium-ish bird. Today I will layer, baste and begin the quilting which may help.


I will probably darken at least some of the white spots which to me have a somewhat Bluejay look to them, though I was hoping they would look more like sparkles of light.

Here’s a shot of the cover sample which has better contrast, next to the new one,¬† but I am not un-happy with the second one


which has a softer, naturistic feeling. Well, spell check doesn’t like THAT word, but you get the idea!

We’ve enjoyed some wonderful fall weather which demanded that I spend time outside so I have done that, cleaning up flower beds, weeding, digging cannas¬† and planting new things for next year. Things like three each of four varieties of perennial Salvias in the sunny border, a couple of Mukdenia rossii ‘Karasuba’ which is a new one for me, I was only able to find reference to it in one of my books, another crepe myrtle and half a dozen ‘Cherokee’ Blackberry bushes.¬† There’s more to do, but that’s it for now!

Bluebird Progress

Sunday, October 25th, 2009


Ooops– bad color, bad focus, but you get the idea. Did you spot the offending piece? I did replace it and I think now the end of the branch shows better. Or it would if it were in focus!!

New Bluebird Sample

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Shopping at Sarah’s in Lawrence the other day, I found some fabrics I would like to use as background for the bluebird. And since Sarah’s needs a Bluebird sample, I thought, why not?

I am always on the lookout for large scale prints for these picture quilts so I was drawn to these big batik leaves and the grasses. Blue dogwood flowers are a bit weird but interesting! I already see something that may need changed!


The challenge will be to find the right blues to pop against these muted tones.  Today should be fun!!


Monday, August 31st, 2009

I’ve been busily packaging the new Bluebird pattern and it’s ready to go! Third in the series of Picture Piecing patterns, these have proven to be very popular! Straight seam piecing with color and numerical sewing order listed makes it easy for anyone to create a lovely wall hanging.


I first offered “Bluebird” for sale in Oklahoma and it went well – I’m so glad people are finding them fun to do! Check out the Pattern section of the website to see all of the patterns available!

Catching Up

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Oh, gosh! Has it really been 10 days since I last posted? Rose asked “What is Spring Cleaning”? and all I can say is “Lucky Rose”! Move to the muddy country and get two big dogs and you will know!!

It has been raining so long I have lost track of how long, but the ground is saturated and squishy the ponds are overflowing but the flowers are loving it. Too bad we can’t get out to enjoy them. Last fall I planted two yellow Crown Imperials and they are blooming now. I was able to grab a photo during a few sunny moments.

Such an elegant flower with it’s jaunty cap of green leaves! I will be sure to plant more and hope they multiply.

I finished the Bluebird quilt but need to charge the camera batteries to get a picture later. So far we have not seen any real bluebirds in the area. It seems like they should be here by now. The first Hummingbird arrived last week.

Tuesday evening I had a guild presentation an hour and a half away. Thankfully the weather did clear for that one day and so I had a lovely drive, and a great visit with the Starlight Quilters of Shawnee, KS. – though it was a late night, arriving home at 11:30. Yesterday was spent putting patterns away and figuring out the monetary stuff, shipping orders and running errands, followed by an evening of theater. The show was “Death of a Salesman” – a real downer and another late night out.

Today I MUST put the quilts away.


Monday, April 20th, 2009

Spring is good, but I think I like Fall better. Fall doesn’t have Spring Cleaning. We had the perfect day for washing windows, overcast, cool but warm enough to have windows open and even to be outside cleaning, so I did the four windows in the studio. Of course it is not just the glass……you have to take down and wash the curtains as well, and the venetian blinds too, which may be even worse than the windows! But it is done and that feels good. The whole room seems brighter! Now I need to do the rest of the house!

i did try to take some flower pictures today on my walk, but it is so windy they are all blurry. It looks like it has snowed under the crab apple trees there are so may petals on the ground.

I have about half of the bluebird quilted and it is looking good.

I want to get back to it, but I really need to get the books caught up and get the sales tax sent in as the deadline is fast approaching. The business side of things takes so much time away from the fun side of things…..