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Artsy Stuff

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Yesterday evening was my presentation for the Topeka Art Guild, “Painting With Fabric” and there was a nice turnout. It had been postponed from a week ago when the roads were so icy and the weather cooperated this time! I even pulled some non-members in and away from the local quilt guild which was also meeting last night! Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I think it went well.

I am also enjoying my time auditing the watercolor class at Washburn U and even did my homework! As an auditor my work is not graded, but I hope to find the time to keep up and do the homework as it is such a nice opportunity to learn from a master.

I am also trying to find the time to get started on my next art quilt. I know what I want to do, but am finding it hard to get inspired to draw the scene that is in my head. At least I have gotten started with the drawing and pulling some fabrics off the shelf to try and help me decide which season of the Flint Hills to feature, the greens of summer, the colors of fall, or even another prairie fire.


At this time I am leaning toward fall. I find the fall color in the Flint Hills to be quite lovely; a quieter beauty than what I grew up with in New England, but still….beautiful!

On the business side of things, I got the sales tax filed last week, EARLY, yeah! but still have book work to do for regular taxes, got entries submitted for a few more shows and have had to spend time packaging patterns and shipping – that’s a good thing to have to do! But still, it all takes time.


Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

My first post for 2015!

I started the year with my books all caught up; that’s a first, I think. One of the fun things about that is my yearly inventory which shows that “Third Weekend In October” has netted (after production expenses) a total of over 81 thousand (!) dollars over the years, thanks to all my customers who have purchased it!! If you are not one of those, there are still a few left; I don’t plan to reprint it..


There has been a small run on “Little Old One Room Schoolhouse” in the week after Christmas which usually means that someone is talking about it on-line, but a Google check did not turn up anything – so I don’t know what instigated that, but keep it up!


Maple leaves have done well for me. Check the website for all of the patterns available.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Gardening and CatchUp Time

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

It’s been a whirlwind week with so much to do and catch up on. I finally downloaded my pictures from the Colorado trip. I didn’t get much before my battery went dead and I had neglected to bring the cord to recharge. Now I know why it went dead so fast! I accidentally had it set to video, so where I thought I was getting one shot it was really many. Spent some time this morning deleting hundreds of duplicate pictures.


The perennial borders at The Denver Botanic Gardens may give me some ideas for planting combinations at home. I have been inspired to spend some time in the garden since coming home, as the rain and cooler temps tempt me to transplant and weed. Actually there aren’t so many weeds anymore as I seem to have gotten pretty much ahead of them this year!

The blister beetles have stripped the Clematis Ruguchii which was gorgeous this year. They sneaked in and stripped it overnight and I am afraid

ClemRuguchit may not recover as usually it puts out new growth right away and there is nothing there now but a skeleton.  They moved on to the Sweet Autumn Clematis, but I have fought back and that is doing OK.

A couple of mornings have been lost to paper work, show entries and shipping quilts and patterns.   It always takes so much longer than you think it should.  I discovered that I have nothing to send to Asheville or PaNational this year, but I did get two quilts shipped off to Houston, which will give me three pieces there this fall plus I hope to get a Silent Auction piece made for them.  Next in line is quilting the Eagles, but for now I am concentrating on getting the book keeping caught up, a job that I hate, so I always let it get away from me!


Catching Up

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

It has been a LONG time since I have posted here, I know! My server was hacked and there for a while I could not get to my website at all. Then yesterday morning I thought I had some time to do it, but then our power went out! Four hours later the power company guys found that a squirrel had committed hari-kari causing a blown fuse in our transformer. It was a nice morning so I spent some time deadheading flowers and watering. Then I decided to retire to the shade on the deck by the koi pond, reading and I didn’t even have to feel guilty about it since with no power I couldn’t do much anyway! I’m still reading the Stephen King book, Insomnia and am nearing the suspenseful ending. His books are always SO long, this is an old one but I don’t remember how it ends. I fell asleep in the hammock watching the orioles.

I am nearly finished with the quilting on the deer quilt, Just the sky and some grass left to do. I have not been working very steadily on this one – for some reason, probably lack of a looming deadline and temperatures in the 100’s, I have not been terribly motivated to work.

The Hen and Chicks have been enjoying the weather this summer, this is the first time I have seen one bloom!


I’ve tried a couple of times to rotate this but it won’t do it.  I guess you will just have to tilt your head!!

Last week it was my turn to host my quilting group here, so I did have some extra preparation for that to do. Part of the deal is making dinner for everyone which can be up to 12 people (only 9 this month) We had Chicken and Strawberry salads, deviled Eggs and for dessert, Gluten Free Pear and Almond Crostatas which was a hit, and not too hard to do.

Seasonal Palette

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Now that Quilt Festival is over for this year and Seasonal Palette has had it’s grand opening everyone is free to post those long awaited pictures! My entry is called “December Dawn”.

Click here to see them all.

The process began with submitting photos of existing work from which 37 artists were selected to produce seasonal works measuring 78 x 32” each. The working styles of the selected artists are vastly different, coming together to stage an amazingly cohesive body of work. The exhibit was staged in an enclosed, hard walled space with a tranquil gallery feeling that was so calming amid the crowds and bustle of the show floor. In progressing around the space, one walked through the seasons. In the center of the space was a table where artists journals of the making of each piece was displayed, with benches so you could sit and spend as much time as you wanted with the journals and the actual artworks. I wish I had had enough time to read each and every one!

There is a lovely catalog of the exhibit available for only $20.00 showing each piece with a more in depth view of the making of some of them, including “December Dawn“ at the end.

At this premier opening, already two pieces were sold!  I have been enjoying the posting of the making of some of the pieces as they are posted to blogs, so starting tomorrow I will begin to publish entries from my own journal.

Catch Up

Monday, August 6th, 2012

As much as I hate doing it, I am making good progress getting the books caught up. There is always such a feeling of satisfaction, mixed with chagrin at having let it slide once again.

I’m disappointed at not being able to see very much of the equestrian events in the Olympics this year. Well that is not a surprise as they don’t usually cover it very well, but it does leave me plenty of time to work on those books!

This is McLain Ward of the US Team, I believe.  My internet coverage timed out before the event finished so I don’t know how it ended. How unsatisfying!

The highest I personally have jumped a horse is 3.5 ft and it felt like flying. I can only imagine how this must feel!

When I shopped on Friday in two different shops, I found three possibilities for the sky binding on the Turbine piece one of which just might work! I have sticker shock at the current prices of fabric and am glad to have a huge stash to rely on most of the time. Neither shop had the fabric that I was looking for for the Ks scene so I ordered that online.  The shipping was more than the fabric which was pretty expensive already – as much for a half yard as what I paid for a whole yard when I started on this crazy quilting path!

Pantone Color Of The Year

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Oh, goody! Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s new color of the year, and it is IN my new Seasonal Palette top! How’s that for luck and serendipity!

Our daughter from the Phoenix area came for a quick visit so I have not been doing any sewing lately. Yesterday I finished up the drawing for the Harrier piece and started to transfer it to the transparency film for projection to enlarge for the pattern. Then I got sidetracked and had to go to town.

Cindy is an avid reader and had brought with her a Nook. I had dismissed the idea for a book reading device but after her demo, decided that it was going on my Christmas wish list. My husband decided what’s the point of waiting, therefore, the trip to town and now I own the Nook Color and  a download of the newest Stephen King book which I started last night. It has many settings for text color and brightness so I am able to read in bed with no lights on to disturb the husband! I was amazed at the vast possibilities of reasonable, even free, books available and things it can do that I don’t even know about yet!  There will be classes after Christmas.





























new color of the year


Monday, June 13th, 2011

I finished the Stephen King book in two days! The weather was perfect for laying out in the hammock with a good book so that’s what I did. Summer makes me think of raspberries and Stephen King. I was at Sam’s the other day and there was his “Just After Sunset”, another collection of short stories that I had somehow missed for only $4.66!!
I’m half way through it. The first of the black raspberries are ripe; it’s summer!

Yesterday I updated my website. I knew I was behind but I didn’t know I was THAT behind! I added SIX new quilts for sale. And updated the rest of it. Check it out…….

New Books

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

We’ve had several days in a row of hot, hot weather and drying winds. This happens every year; plants are accustomed to plenty of rain and cool then they get hit with just the opposite. I gave everything a good watering yesterday evening. This weather puts a damper on me too. No energy to do anything. I picked up the newest Stephen King book, “Full Dark – No Stars” yesterday at the library and now I just want to read it!

A while back I submitted some quilts to a new book by Mary Kerr, “Designs in Art Quilts” And mine along with 47 others were accepted! Not sure when the book will be finished, but it looks like there will be a nice mix of styles and techniques included with lots of pictures.

More Computer Stuff

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Yesterday I settled in to get serious about learning to do a Keynote presentation on my new MacBook Pro. It is so different from using a keyboard and quite frustrating! A couple of hours in, I got a weird error message that I couldn’t take care of myself, so, having paid for support, I called the Geek Squad number. My impression of the lady who answered was that she didn’t know about Macs as she insisted that my installer should return and take care of it. That is scheduled for Wednesday so I can’t do much til then.

So we went to town and got a couple of books that should be helpful when I do get back to working on Keynote!

And 10 more bags of mulch which I AM qualified to work with!! For the past two nights we have had frost so have been covering certain things that I am especially concerned about. Most things, however have to fend for themselves. The new peach tree has ONE peach – I hope it survives!