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Focus Friday – Fairies In My Garden

Friday, February 5th, 2016

The groundhog says spring is coming and I am dreaming of my garden coming to life – will the Fairies still be there?

For today’s Focus Friday, let’s look at “Fairies In My Garden”, an enchanted gathering of fairies in the flowers. This 22 x 29” wall hanging is a combination of piecing and applique in my signature easy to do shapes. Don’t be afraid of the faces, they are in the pattern and easily traced with Pigma pens.

FairiesIn Garden

“Fairies In My Garden” – INNOVATIONS #01126 – approx 22 x 29”
Pattern: $9.00
Click on Patterns in the side bar to order.

The cover sample wall hanging is for sale at $250.00. Email for details.

This pattern has inspired two art pieces done in my pieced pictorial style. “Don’t Piss Off The Fairies”, 12 x 12” (sold)


and “Foxglove Fairies”, 42 x 41”, $3000.00.


These are one of a kind art quilts and are not in the pattern, but I will share them here for your viewing pleasure!


Focus Friday – Fun Fish

Friday, January 29th, 2016

This might be a good time to focus on something really simple and easy, something you can even get the kids involved in on a snowy day, because this is a perfect beginner’s project! Just triangles, half square triangles, squares and rectangles, Fun Fish is quick and easy with three different fish swimming in 8” blocks.

So find fish fabric – fun, fabulous or funky – add water and make FUN FISH!


“FUN FISH” – INNOVATIONS # 95106 – approx 42 x 49” Pattern: $8.00
Click on Patterns in the side bar to order.

The cover sample wall hanging is for sale at $300.00. Email for details.

Artsy Stuff

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Yesterday evening was my presentation for the Topeka Art Guild, “Painting With Fabric” and there was a nice turnout. It had been postponed from a week ago when the roads were so icy and the weather cooperated this time! I even pulled some non-members in and away from the local quilt guild which was also meeting last night! Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I think it went well.

I am also enjoying my time auditing the watercolor class at Washburn U and even did my homework! As an auditor my work is not graded, but I hope to find the time to keep up and do the homework as it is such a nice opportunity to learn from a master.

I am also trying to find the time to get started on my next art quilt. I know what I want to do, but am finding it hard to get inspired to draw the scene that is in my head. At least I have gotten started with the drawing and pulling some fabrics off the shelf to try and help me decide which season of the Flint Hills to feature, the greens of summer, the colors of fall, or even another prairie fire.


At this time I am leaning toward fall. I find the fall color in the Flint Hills to be quite lovely; a quieter beauty than what I grew up with in New England, but still….beautiful!

On the business side of things, I got the sales tax filed last week, EARLY, yeah! but still have book work to do for regular taxes, got entries submitted for a few more shows and have had to spend time packaging patterns and shipping – that’s a good thing to have to do! But still, it all takes time.

Focus Friday – Starburst

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

I’ve been getting more orders lately for “Starburst” so I thought I would feature it today for Focus Friday.  I made the original version called Starmageddon” to be a contest quilt and it won some national awards including a second place at AQS, Paducah.  It was all hand quilted. It is a combination of two different star blocks in a unique setting to make it look like an explosion of stars.  I decided to include it in the pattern line, but I made a few changes to make it even easier. Of course the pattern tells you where to place the different colors to blur the lines between the easy blocks to make it look harder than it really is.


Starburst – INNOVATIONS # 01929  Approx. 72 x 84″   Pattern $9.00

Sample quilt, machine quilted in a stars pattern, $2000.00

Focus Friday – POPPY!

Friday, January 15th, 2016

If you are dreaming of summer or just need a project to brighten up your winter days, check out Poppy!

Have you always wondered how these picture quilts go together? Here is a fun project to learn the basics so you might even decide to go on and design something of you own! This one is all straight seam sewing, that goes together quickly in easy sections.

INNOVATIONS # 08754 Poppy! 24 x 24″ wall hanging pattern $9.00

Cover quilt for sale – $300.00


Workshop sample quilt for sale – $300.00

Poppy Workshop Samp

Heron Finished!!

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

The heron quilt is FINALLY finished. “Tranquil Dawn”, 40 x 52.5″

It’s not that I’ve been working on it all this time, but so much time was wasted looking for that “perfect” fabric. When I just let it go and added some others, I think it was even better than it would have been had I found the one I wanted in the first place. More is usually better! As usual it is loaded with machine quilting with many different threads used.


Now I am seriously thinking about what is next; it is always exciting to start something new, and I hope, smaller!

But first I need to get those books caught up, sales tax is due soon……

Focus Friday – Garden Path

Friday, January 8th, 2016

It’s January so the seed catalogs are piling up and I am starting to think about spring and new gardens. It’s a weird winter with the Forsythia already blooming confusedly in the rain! We know it is much too early to be planting outside, but not a moment too soon to dream of a flower garden quilt to while away the hours until Spring really arrives!

This is an original 12″ block design that I gave to 20 friends, along with a piece of the colorful batik and the instructions to combine it with coordinating colors from their own stashes and some yellow for each block, for a scrap quilt. When I got all 20 blocks back, I arranged them and added some flower blocks to make a Garden Path. A border of the starting batik gives a nice finish! In case you would prefer a one fabric background, that yardage is also included.



Garden Path – INNOVATIONS #06848 62 x 74″ $9.00

The machine quilted Cover Sample quilt is for sale, $1500.00. Email for details.

Catching Up

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

I’m not doing so well, am I?  With classes ended for this semester you’d think I’d have more time, but it’s not happening. It seems like there are so many things vying for the available minutes; meetings and appointments, shopping, wrapping, decorating, entertaining, plus all of those daily tasks that are never really done. Same for you, I’m sure!

I grab minutes when I can to try and finish the heron quilt. It’s deadline is in January and I have the next project bouncing around in my head. I laid it out after yesterday’s session to examine it from the back and found a few spots needing more quilting, plus the majority of the sky left to do, but the end is within sight finally!

I thought Focus Friday might help me focus more on this blog, and it has to some extent but I don’t want it to dominate and turn my blog into a sales venue, as it has been doing. I will try to do better. I did meet last week’s deadline on Facebook, but it didn’t make it over here to blog land. This week’s Focus Friday quilt is “Strip Trip”. I love this quilt. Not only is it pretty, it is so easy. There are only six different fabrics and they are cut into large units of color that get sewn together into a large block and then sliced into strips to be re-arranged and sewn together for the top. A great way to use the bright large contemporary prints, or even in solids for a more “modern” look.


Strip Trip – INNOVATIONS #06447 approximately 56 X 71” Pattern: $9.00
Click on Patterns in the side bar to order.

The Cover Sample quilt is for sale, machine quilted, $1500.00. Email me for details.

Focus Friday – Circling Pines

Friday, December 4th, 2015

It’s December already, so time to start thinking about Christmas! It’s too late to make it for this year, but the Circling Pines pattern would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite quilter, or get a jump on next year and get started on one for yourself!


Circling Pines – approximately 87 X 87” Pattern: $9.00
Click on Patterns in the side bar to order.

Cover Sample quilt is for sale, machine quilted, $2250.00 . Email me for details.

Focus Friday – Scrapmagic Stars

Friday, November 27th, 2015

The weather has taken a decidedly wintry turn with freezing cold rain and icy conditions. Time to start thinking about a nice cozy quilt project to take you into winter. Here is just the thing to use up a lot of scraps!

Focus Friday for this week is “Scrapmagic Stars”, a true scrap quilt made up of repetitions of just one 12” block. Even the border is just more blocks colored in such a way as to imply a border by concentrating more dark fabrics there. I’ve placed my lightest fabrics toward the center to make it ‘glow’. The corners of your blocks done in contrasting color make the stars appear like magic when the blocks come together! So fun and easy!!


Depending on the fabrics you choose, you can get a totally different look as illustrated by the baby quilt shown below.


The pattern contains instructions for five sizes.Baby-36 X 48”, Crib-48 x 60”, Full-72 x 84”,
Queen-84 x 96, King- 96 x 108

“Scrapmagic Stars” – Pattern: $8.00
Click on Patterns in the side bar to order.

The cover sample bed quilt is no longer available but the baby quilt, machine quilted, is $200.00. Email me for details.