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Finished Facing/ Cataract Surgery

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Except for the sleeve and documentation tag, the Kansas Flinthills landscape is finished.


I’ve only done one faced edging before when I followed someone else’s instructions and it was a pain in the butt. This time I followed my intuition and did what felt right. It was easier and came out great.

faced edge

I really like how it looks – the simplicity of it.


I don’t like how much hand work is involved with sewing the hanging sleeve on by hand. When I do a bound edge, I sew one side of the hanging sleeve into the binding seam, eliminating quite a bit of hand sewing.

Since I had my cataract surgery last week on my right eye, my vision is pretty lopsided right now. I am looking at the world through one corrected and one uncorrected eye, so things are a bit wonky. My new interocular lense is for long distance sight so my close up vision is not so good. Next week I will get the left eye done so I expect the long distance will get better and the close up, perhaps worse. If needed I will be able to get reading glasses for that eventually, for now I find a magnifying glass helpful.

The effects of color have been interesting and so obvious right now when alternating eyes makes it easy to see the difference in the before and after surgery colors. One does not realize how yellow everything is with cataracts because the change is so gradual. I thought I was seeing perfectly fine, but in reality that was not the case. I had been thinking that we were having an especially lovely spring this year and I gave credit to the generous rainfall. Everything was such a saturated green this year with golden highlights, just beautiful! It was just the yellow cataracts. Yellow being always a part of green sort of intensified it. And the washed out areas of sunlight turned yellow. The surgeon related a similar story. A lady came in for her first checkup. She said “Look at my shirt!” “What about it?” he asked. “It’s PURPLE!”, she exclaimed, “It was brown when I bought it.”
Makes sense, purple and yellow make brown.

Just last evening, I noticed that the shower curtain and towels didn’t go together any more. I thought they had nice peachy colors, but in fact, the yellow in the cataracts made the pink in the shower curtain peachy and the beige towel took on a nice glow and they looked so good. But in reality the pink and the beige that they really are looks pretty bad!

Time to go shopping; I wonder what I will discover next! It is an interesting journey!

Pantone Color Of The Year

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Oh, goody! Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s new color of the year, and it is IN my new Seasonal Palette top! How’s that for luck and serendipity!

Our daughter from the Phoenix area came for a quick visit so I have not been doing any sewing lately. Yesterday I finished up the drawing for the Harrier piece and started to transfer it to the transparency film for projection to enlarge for the pattern. Then I got sidetracked and had to go to town.

Cindy is an avid reader and had brought with her a Nook. I had dismissed the idea for a book reading device but after her demo, decided that it was going on my Christmas wish list. My husband decided what’s the point of waiting, therefore, the trip to town and now I own the Nook Color and¬† a download of the newest Stephen King book which I started last night. It has many settings for text color and brightness so I am able to read in bed with no lights on to disturb the husband! I was amazed at the vast possibilities of reasonable, even free, books available and things it can do that I don’t even know about yet!¬† There will be classes after Christmas.





























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