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More New Work

Friday, April 21st, 2017

It’s been so long since I was here that my blog doesn’t seem to even recognize me – or maybe it is that I didn’t remember how to get in!

Anyway. I have completed a few projects in the meantime. Here is the little 12 x 12″ of the emu made for the bird challenge that I alluded to in the last post way back in Jan. She had run away from home and traveled cross country to show up on our property where I photographed her for possible future inspiration. This is “Emu, I See You!”

Then with the deadline looming, I made “Beneficial Burn ll” for the upcoming SAQA Regional show “Changing Landscapes” and it was accepted to show at the Leedy Volkous Gallery in Kansas city in June and July. This one is 36 x 36″.

Also accepted to show at the Sabatini Gallery in Topeka with the EDGE exhibit is my “Layers Of The Flint Hills”, 59.5 x 30″.¬† That will open August 11 and runs through to Oct 22.

The annual judged Spring Show at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery is now up til the end of May and my entry “Tranquil Dawn”, 40 x 52.5″ has won First Place!! It’s always nice when judges recognize art in what I do when it is not primarily a quilt show!

Tomorrow I hope to show you a couple more!

I’m Back!

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

It’s been too long since I have posted here!¬† I’ve worked through¬† – or accepted that my computer is different now.¬† It seems to be doing most of what I need for it to do.

Also my camera issues.¬† I really don’t understand cameras so I paid for an hour of one on one instruction to help me to get the sharp photo that I needed for an upcoming book.¬† It did not help. After struggling with f-stops and other buttons and dials, my contact person at the book told me to use the focus ring and that certainly helped.¬† Why did my paid instructor not tell me that??? Maybe it is just so basic everyone else already knows?¬† Anyway the resulting pictures were not perfect but so much better, they were acceptable. I am thinking that when Fall Semester starts up, I may take a basic photography class. It can’t hurt!

I have finished the machine quilting on the Kansas Flint Hills landscape and I am quite pleased with how it came out.  I have had it on the design wall for a few days now,  and I have decided that I will finish it with a faced edge, because I want to emphasize the vast openess of the scene and not have it confined by a binding.


I have received word that “After The Storm” has been accepted to IQF in Houston this fall, so¬† that is exciting!!


First Friday

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Last night’s First Friday reception at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery was especially fun because there were so many new or returning members to get to know. A big welcome to Leanne, Doug, Kevin, Cynthia and Richard!¬† Also lots of wonderful art to enjoy. And the food and wine! We always have a great spread. This is our 100th anniversary year, so everyone wants to celebrate!Me&Splash

Me with my “Splash” which was awarded the first place ribbon and which will get to be displayed at the Public Library exhibit in the fall in celebration of our 100th year!

Keeping Busy

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Yesterday was First Friday and I worked at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery where we have a new show up. It’s a good one! My entries this time around are “Fur Family Portrait”


and “Poppy!”

Poppy Workshop Samp

If you are in the area, definitely come see!!

I’m two days into my new Flint Hills landscape and having a great time sewing and creating again. It’s going to be a fall scene. Maybe after today, I will have enough done to post the progress……we’ll see!

Good news, “Splash” was accepted and will be showing at the MidAtlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA, Feb 25-28 .


This and That

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Browsing some blogs this morning I was startled to see my “Snow Buddies” pictured on the Mancuso’s Nov 18 blog at
Just a promo for the Atlantic Quilt Fest where it won an Honorable Mention, I believe, last year.


Other show news – “Jesse At The Lake” was not accepted to go to “Road To California”. Second year in a row they have rejected that one; I guess they really don’t like it!’



Once again the heron quilt has been set aside for a closer deadline. I realized the entry day for the Topeka Art Guild’s nothing over $100 Christmas sale is the end of the month! So I have to concentrate on getting a couple of simple 12 x 12s ready and mounted on 16 x 16 stretched canvases for that. So that is what I will be doing today!

Winnings Followup

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

I found out that “Splash” was awarded the Award of Excellence for Piecing, and also Honorable mention in the Pictorial wall quilts category at LaConner, WA and will stay on for the Best of Festival show through Nov 22.


The reception last evening at the Buttonwood ArtSpace in KC for the Visions Of The Flint Hills show was very nice and quite well attended. I was pleased and surprised to discover that “Grasslands” was awarded Second Place in the “Other” category!


There were a LOT of entries and the work was excellent. I even saw some other textile work, some pieced photos printed on fabric, some quilted and embellished with stitching, some woven work and even a hooked rug! But the majority, of course, was paintings and photography, with a few sculptural works. AND, I was pleased to note, the Topeka art scene was well represented!  By the time we left there were already some sales. Definitely worth a look if you are in the area!

Topped off the evening with dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack – Yum! – but SO noisy!


Friday, October 2nd, 2015

“After The Storm”, currently showing at The Topeka Art Guild Gallery has been awarded First Place in the annual “Kansas” show!! Especially gratifying because it is an all media show with some very nice work.


The judge left comments and here is what she had to say about this piece:

“Quintessential Kansas weather. Stitches define cloud movement, rain. turmoil – feel like the buildings are huddling against the ground, trying to protect themselves from the storm.”

Just received notice that “Jesse At The Lake” showing at the Asheville, NC Quilt Guild show got Second Place and “Splash” at the LaConner quilt show has also won an award, but so far I don’t know what. All in all, a pretty good week!!


This afternoon we will drive to KC, MO to the opening reception for Visions Of The Flint Hills where I have three pieces on display and for sale to benefit Flint Hills research.

After The Storm

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

On Friday, I finished the quilting on this new piece and blocked it. On Saturday, I trimmed it to size and prepared the sleeve and the documentation tag, which meant I had to come up with a name. “After The Storm” won out.¬† The finished size is 39.5 x 24″.


I love to see this fleeting vision when after the storm everything is clean and sparkling, the sky is still dark but the sunlight comes in and lights the foreground against the dark storm clouds. It was a lovely fall day here, so I sat out on the deck to do the hand work and listened to my Art History lectures on the tape recorder. Perfect! I met the deadline and will enter it into the next Topeka Art Guild show with the Kansas theme later today.


Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

August has been  busy month! My last multiple day engagement for Guild programs/workshop in Oklahoma happened and it was a fun trip with lovely ladies.  Even fitted in some fabric shopping, though we did not find the one I was looking for.  One more trip Рnext week to Kansas City, then I will be officially retired!!

We went to Wichita over the weekend for the Opening Reception of the Wichita National All Media Craft Exhibit where “Snow Buddies” is being exhibited. It has a great spot , well lighted where you see it as you enter the gallery; looks good!


While we were in Wichita we visited the Botanic Gardens, The Indian Museum and the Zoo.  The weather was near perfect and I was exhausted by the time we got back home! But it was fun!

Since coming back I have finished the Heron top using some of the fabrics that I found that looked like they might have possibilities.  I un-sewed some of the previous work to insert the new fabrics and I think it is going to be OK. HeronTop

Yesterday I squared it up and selected a backing fabric but have not yet layered it for quilting.  I think another deadline has squeezed in that will need my attention first!

News came that all four of my entries to the Visions of the Flint Hills Art Benefit and Sale at the Buttonwood Gallery in Kansas City were accepted.¬† “Harrier Hunting”, “Prairie Power”, “Drifted”, and “Grasslands” will be there.¬† This is an art exhibit so it is always gratifying when my quilts are recognized as art! The opening reception is on Oct 2 and the show runs through Nov 27.¬† Sales benefit the Friends of Konza Prairie.¬† Be sure and check it out if you are nearby.


Catching Up

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Tuesday I went to the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild meeting where David Taylor was the speaker. He and I often enter the same contests as we both do Pictorial work; his are hand applique while mine are pieced. His attention to detail is amazing and sometimes he beats me, and I really can’t complain! He is an excellent speaker as well, and kept us laughing the whole time.

While there, I learned of The Missouri Star Quilt shops – and that one of them is JUST batiks!! Better yet, it is about 9 miles off the highway I will be taking to Des Moines next week for my guild presentation of two lectures and two workshops. You can bet I’ll be stopping there!

Yesterday I finished the beading on the prairie fire quilt and blocked it; now I have to concentrate on getting ready for my trip next week.