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Finished Facing/ Cataract Surgery

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Except for the sleeve and documentation tag, the Kansas Flinthills landscape is finished.


I’ve only done one faced edging before when I followed someone else’s instructions and it was a pain in the butt. This time I followed my intuition and did what felt right. It was easier and came out great.

faced edge

I really like how it looks – the simplicity of it.


I don’t like how much hand work is involved with sewing the hanging sleeve on by hand. When I do a bound edge, I sew one side of the hanging sleeve into the binding seam, eliminating quite a bit of hand sewing.

Since I had my cataract surgery last week on my right eye, my vision is pretty lopsided right now. I am looking at the world through one corrected and one uncorrected eye, so things are a bit wonky. My new interocular lense is for long distance sight so my close up vision is not so good. Next week I will get the left eye done so I expect the long distance will get better and the close up, perhaps worse. If needed I will be able to get reading glasses for that eventually, for now I find a magnifying glass helpful.

The effects of color have been interesting and so obvious right now when alternating eyes makes it easy to see the difference in the before and after surgery colors. One does not realize how yellow everything is with cataracts because the change is so gradual. I thought I was seeing perfectly fine, but in reality that was not the case. I had been thinking that we were having an especially lovely spring this year and I gave credit to the generous rainfall. Everything was such a saturated green this year with golden highlights, just beautiful! It was just the yellow cataracts. Yellow being always a part of green sort of intensified it. And the washed out areas of sunlight turned yellow. The surgeon related a similar story. A lady came in for her first checkup. She said “Look at my shirt!” “What about it?” he asked. “It’s PURPLE!”, she exclaimed, “It was brown when I bought it.”
Makes sense, purple and yellow make brown.

Just last evening, I noticed that the shower curtain and towels didn’t go together any more. I thought they had nice peachy colors, but in fact, the yellow in the cataracts made the pink in the shower curtain peachy and the beige towel took on a nice glow and they looked so good. But in reality the pink and the beige that they really are looks pretty bad!

Time to go shopping; I wonder what I will discover next! It is an interesting journey!

Focus Friday – Traditional Tricks

Friday, April 8th, 2016

You CAN teach an old block new tricks! For today’s Focus Friday selection, I am showing you Traditional Tricks, which is a bed quilt, approximately 84 x 105″. It features original blocks and is made up of mostly squares, half square triangle units, nine patches and log cabin blocks – what could be easier? I wondered what would happen if I gave that space usually taken by sashing strips and placed them as accent strips instead, and the accent they provide is just perfect! for someone who wants a bed quilt that goes beyond traditional!


Traditional Tricks – INNOVATIONS # 02231 $9.00
Click on PATTERNS in the side bar to order.

The machine pieced & machine quilted sample quilt is for sale, $2000.00, email for details.

A Hint Of Springtime

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Yesterday we had a hint of springtime, as the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees and I spent an hour or so weeding in the perennial beds. Just those little weed seedlings that are so easy to get rid of this time of the year before they really dig in deep. My snowdrops are blooming right now and I am sure they would prefer it to be more seasonably colder. They always remind me of my wonderful trip to England and Wales which inspired me to plant them. Of course they will never be as lush here in KS as they were there!  Once again all of the buds on the Hellebores have been eaten by some varmint because I forgot again to put the wire cages around them last fall, and judging by the mass of chewed off stems, they would have been really nice this year. The catalogs all say they are deer resistant, but somebody loves them!

So far no dandelions, but it won’t be long!


My ultimate springtime quilt is “Just Dandy” which I made for IQF Celebrate Spring in 2008. It contains some lovely hand dyes.¬† It was juried in and traveled with that exhibit to several major venues. Then it went to other shows where it won several first place awards and a Viewer’s Choice. It is 41 x 41″ square and is for sale at $2750.00. I should get it out and hang it¬† to brighten things up and bring the spring inside.

Focus Friday–“Star Flowers”

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Today for Focus Friday I will feature “Star Flowers”.¬† This is a variation on the old traditional Seven Sisters design. I found the old yellowed newspaper clipping in a box at Houston Quilt Festival and it came with the warning ” Experienced Quilters Only!” which only challenged me to make it easy enough for anyone, which I did!¬† I devised a way to piece it so that those points just happen. To finish it off, I designed the applique to mimic the shape if the stars and to me they resemble Clematis, one of my favorites. There is a LOT of applique, but the shapes are easy and can be done by hand or machine to compliment this popular bed quilt.


INNOVATIONS¬† 94804¬† “Star Flowers”¬† 86 X 106″¬†¬† $9.00
click on PATTERNS in the side bar to order.

Pattern Sample Quilt for sale $2500.00 email for details

Studio Organization

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Since I retired from traveling to teach and do guild programs, my storage area for teaching supplies has become a dusty mess! This is underneath my cutting table, which is an old oak drafting table from the highway department.  It is right in your line of vision when you enter the studio, not pretty!  (The mess, not the table, which I think is quite attractive!)


We decided to go back to IKEA and get this drawer unit to try and organize things a little better. It fits almost perfectly in the space.


Most of those projects, plus some group projects and UFO’s are now stored out of sight and there are three drawers for art supplies and projects as well, and even one empty drawer!¬† Not for long, I’ll bet!¬† It is VERY white so it still demands too much attention, but maybe I will get used to it. Definitely better than before!

Another Sale!

Friday, August 7th, 2015

“December Dawn” which is currently touring with the prestigious SAQA exhibit “Seasonal Palette” will have a new home at the close of the tour next year! Measuring 32 x 78″, it is destined to go over the fireplace in a room with 14′ ceilings –wow! sounds magical!


That is five sales so far this year!!

Christmas UFO

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year! Where has this year gone?! My good intentions to do a better job of posting here certainly didn’t materialize. Better luck next year? I don’t make resolutions, just strive to do as much as I can!

I was looking through some old UFO’s in search of a certain one that I didn’t find –¬† but I did find a couple of Christmas ones that are over twenty years old! I decided it’s high time I did something about that and finished the smaller of the two,Christmasufo1

and actually used it this year..


Catching Up

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

I keep forgetting РI meant to post this sooner. After the KVQG meeting last month, Denise S., The Curious Kansas Quilter followed me home to photograph my studio for an upcoming guild program on studio spaces. If you follow the link you can  see some of the pictures that she took.

Sunday afternoon I drove down to Bella Vista, AR to do a program for the Calico Cutups Quilt Guild on Monday. Everything went very well and I enjoyed seeing that beautiful area again and meeting some great new friends! Monday was a loooong day, as I hit the road right after the meeting and didn’t get home til¬† 8:15 – about 4 hours driving time with only one short break for gas, food, etc. Tues was spent getting everything sorted out from the trip and getting the Silent Auction piece sent off to Houston.¬† Good to be home!!


Autumn Leaves

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Friday at the art gallery I saw a garland someone made from rolled brown leaves that was used in a display of art glass objects. I thought it was a neat idea so Saturday I collected some leaves and made one of my own that I will use in an arrangement of gourds and stuff. This is 37″ long.

Kansas doesn’t have the prettiest of fall colors. The darker ones are Virginia Creeper, I think and the lighter ones are Wahoo. I also picked up a couple of cottonwood leaves which are yellow and have more substance. I may collect more of those as they are drying to a nice gold color. Even the brown though, was very attractive!

It is raining today!  That is very GOOD news here!!


Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I love to use art quilts in my decorating. I like that they are usually large, colorful, and graphic, yet bring a softness.

“Prairie Fire” was made to fill this space in the living room where previously I had four small framed counted cross stitch pictures. Eventually I would like to make the scene to show other seasons.

Hanging in the dining room currently, is this piece by Ruth McDowell, “Watermelon Chickens”,¬† on loan from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection. Amazing selections of fabrics, as usual!