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Material Conversations

Friday, August 16th, 2013

I was so happy with the Sabatini Gallery‘s display of the current exhibit of works by the EDGE exhibiting group from the former Kansas Art Quilters organization, that I went back yesterday to get some pictures. It is my understanding that they will be posting the show to their website, so I am only concentrating on my three entries. Here is a long shot showing Bignonia and Spring Encounter.


The work is not crowded and the lighting is superb.


This photo does not really capture the vivid yellowness of the walls that perfectly compliments the yellow within the work. The lighting throughout enhances the quilting amazingly well.


By comparison. the white walls appear rather bland, but the lighting couldn’t be better! Bignonia stands out dark, vivid colors against the light wall.


My work is pieced in the old fashioned way, many little pieces of commercially printed or hand dyed fabrics sewn together with quarter inch seam allowances.  In the case of Bignonia, I chose to use curved seams to enhance the sinuous qualities of this tropical vining plant but the other two on display here use straight seams, which is easier.  This is such a fun process and not as hard as you might think.  I will be teaching a five day workshop on designing and piecing your own, in February at Empty Spools Seminars in Ca. Sounds like a great place to be in February, especially if, like me, you live where the snow flies!


Harrier Hunting is enhanced by the yellow walls as well. Again, the camera is not giving me the true strong yellow and playing around with the settings did not help. These were taken without flash.


The yellow in the grassy foreground really pops with that background. The quilting looks wonderful under these lights. Peeking around from the back is a “slice” of Watermelon Summer by Judith Trager and a display of Marcia Derse fabrics in the case.


One forgets how important lighting can be as it is usually sadly lacking at most venues, but here, attention to details is important.  At 5:30 on a Thursday afternoon there were only a few people in the gallery but the First Friday turnout was good. Hope YOU can make it!.

This exhibit continues at the Sabatini Gallery, Topeka Public and Shawnee Library, Topeka , KS through Sept 22.

EDGE Exhibit

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Friday evening I went to the opening reception for the EDGE Material Conversations exhibit at the Sabatini Gallery in the Topeka Library. The exhibit looked great. I loved how my pieces looked, especially “Harrier Hunting” and “Spring Encounter”. Each was hung alone on a different yellow painted wall that really made the colors pop and brought out the yellows within the artwork. “Bignonia” which features yellow flowers was hung on a white wall. The lighting really enhanced the quilting highlighting wonderful texture. I did not bring my camera, thinking that photos would probably not be allowed, but I may go back and see if they will let me get some photos later, as they are just too good to pass up! The remainder of the exhibit was more abstract and it is always fun to see what everyone is doing and how the works play together.

If you are in the vicinity between now and the middle of Aug, I hope you will try to see it!

Gardening and CatchUp Time

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

It’s been a whirlwind week with so much to do and catch up on. I finally downloaded my pictures from the Colorado trip. I didn’t get much before my battery went dead and I had neglected to bring the cord to recharge. Now I know why it went dead so fast! I accidentally had it set to video, so where I thought I was getting one shot it was really many. Spent some time this morning deleting hundreds of duplicate pictures.


The perennial borders at The Denver Botanic Gardens may give me some ideas for planting combinations at home. I have been inspired to spend some time in the garden since coming home, as the rain and cooler temps tempt me to transplant and weed. Actually there aren’t so many weeds anymore as I seem to have gotten pretty much ahead of them this year!

The blister beetles have stripped the Clematis Ruguchii which was gorgeous this year. They sneaked in and stripped it overnight and I am afraid

ClemRuguchit may not recover as usually it puts out new growth right away and there is nothing there now but a skeleton.  They moved on to the Sweet Autumn Clematis, but I have fought back and that is doing OK.

A couple of mornings have been lost to paper work, show entries and shipping quilts and patterns.   It always takes so much longer than you think it should.  I discovered that I have nothing to send to Asheville or PaNational this year, but I did get two quilts shipped off to Houston, which will give me three pieces there this fall plus I hope to get a Silent Auction piece made for them.  Next in line is quilting the Eagles, but for now I am concentrating on getting the book keeping caught up, a job that I hate, so I always let it get away from me!


“Majesty” a winner

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

I just got word that “Majesty” won third place at the Machine Quilting Today, Upper Mid West Show in Wisconsin! Click to see all of the winners.

Since the rain cleared up, it’s been perfect conditions to plant, transplant and weed, except for the high humidity. I worked til the sweat was literally dripping off my nose! Then went to town to run some errands. Most of the stuff is put away from the trip and soon things will be back to normal routine.

Friday evening is First Friday for August and I will be at the Sabatini Gallery at the Topeka and Shawnee County Library for the opening of Material Conversations, an art quilt exhibit by members of the Edge group of art quilters.¬† That’s from 5:30 to 8:30 and continues through to the middle of September.¬† Three of my works are included. I also have a piece in the show opening at the Topeka Art Guild gallery at the Fairlawn Mall. Please check out both shows if you are in the area!


Denver, Colorado Quilt Council

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Today, I fly home from Denver where I have been working with the Colorado Quilt Council doing a guild program and one day workshop on Picture Piecing the Coneflowers Pattern. What a great group!! Everyone got a good start on some beautiful wall hangings.

I flew in a day early and the adventure began with a visit to The Foothills Art Center in Golden for the “Threads of Change” exhibit, and a short tour of the QN headquarters there. Then on to the Denver Botanical Garden for a tour and lecture complete with a light meal. What an amazing place! We went back the next day to see the rest of the gardens that we couldn’t see the day before due to time. After a delicious lunch there, we proceeded to the Denver Art Museum to see the SPUN exhibit, which actually was a series of different textile related exhibits spread out all over the museum. Just amazing!!

Thanks Barb, for a perfectly wonderful visit!!

Snow Buddies Accepted to Houston

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

I just got the word that “Snow Buddies” was one of the 30 pieces that was selected to hang and travel with the “Raining Cats and Dogs” exhibit debuting in Houston this fall. This was the exhibit I had in mind when I made this one, inspired by this photo of my two dogs.


You can click on “Dogs” in the side bar to see the completed quilt and to follow the making of it.

It is currently on display and can be seen at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery through the end of July.


Saturday, April 6th, 2013

The Machine Quilting Unlimited April 2013 E-News is showing the cover of the May/June issue which features my “Prairie Fire” quilt and my article. This issue will be available¬† in late April.

I have resisted getting involved with social media, because I feel like I am stressed to keep up with everything as it is! But Studio Art Quilts Assoc. has a Pinterest page for the SAQA Benefit Auction and they have posted my donation, “Northern Cardinal” along with others there. And IQA has posted “Who, Me?” on their Facebook page about “Celebrate Spring”. When I looked last week there were over 600 hits! People love puppies!! Celebrate Spring debuts in Cincinnati April 11-13.

Last night was First Friday at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and the presentation for awards for the judged show that is up right now, “My Earth, My Art”. This is predominately paintings, a few photography works and my quilt art. One of my entries, “Bignonia” won the second place cash award!


It’s a great show, if you are in the area be sure and check it out before the end of May. My “Colorado Kids” is also there on display.

Also in the area this weekend is the Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Quilt show at the Toyota dealership on Hwy 59 (Iowa St) in Lawrence, KS. It’s always a great show and three of my pieces will be there, “Merchants House”, “Mon Grand Pere” and “What’s Up at the 4-H Fair?”.


I will be there late Sunday to see the show and pick up my things.

Empty Spools at Asilomar has posted the teachers for the 2014 workshops, including ME in the first session; not sure when it is open for enrollment, as the current 2013 offerings are going on now.

I finally finished the quilting on the dogs quilt – oh, dear – I really do need a name for it! I still need to block, trim and bind it though. I am looking forward to starting the next one!!

Busy Weekend

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Saturday I got back to the sewing, tweaking what was already sewn as these past two weeks of just looking at it made me see some places that could be improved. Also sewed a few of the section seams. This morning’s e-mail brought a couple more leads on the fabric search so perhaps I need to wait a bit longer before cutting background!

Yesterday afternoon a friend and I went to see the musical Parade, a show I had never heard of, and it was VERY good! So no sewing yesterday.

Probably not today, either, as I need to prepare two quits for shipping – “Colorado Kids” to AQS, Lancaster and “Who, Me?” to IQA for Celebrate Spring. Last week I sent “Foxglove Fairy” to Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest.

We have a crew of workers here installing new Pella windows so today  looks like a good time to go to town, anyway!

Have You Seen This Fabric?

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Monday it was just beautiful here, with a record breaking high of 77 degrees then yesterday it was 0. We went on a fabric quest but with no luck. I used this batik in the shadowed areas of the Kom’s coat and when I was working on the background, I decided it would be just perfect there, too.

Unfortunately, I have only a little left and it is old. I have searched in vain online, so now I appeal to you. have you seen it anywhere? There must be a shop somewhere that still has some they would love to get rid of. It is a greyed blue mottled background with lighter frosty looking wheat. Kind of large scale with the wheat portion being 3-4 inches. I’d love to find a half yard or a yard somewhere. Please let me know if you have seen it anywhere.

The newest issue of American Quilter just came with a nice article on Seasonal Palette and one of the quilts they showed was “December Dawn” Both as a nice full view and as an installation shot. Great coverage!!

Good news, two acceptances. “Colorado Kids” will be going to AQS, Lancaster and “Who, Me?” to “Celebrate Spring” at the IQA shows starting with spring. “In The Bleak Midwinter” is currently showing at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and we had a great crowd last night at First Friday in spite of the cold.

Seasonal Palette at Texas Quilt Museum

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

A portion of The Seasonal Palette exhibit is currently being shown at the Texas Quilt Museum. This is a lovely, well lit space.  Some of the walls are white but I love how December Dawn looks on this old brick wall! Unfortunately the space was not large enough for the whole collection to be shown and only 23 of the 37 quilts were selected. Quilts shown left to right:  Ice by Carol J Moore, Silent Snow, The Creek Is Singing by Carol Anne Grotrian, Snow Falls by Linda Colsh, December Dawn by Ruth Powers, Sparkling Forest by Marianne R Williamson. Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 6.16.41 AMPhoto by Vicki Mangum.