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Leaving For CA

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go, the weather is beautiful and I’m looking forward to sunny (?) California for a week. Asilomar, here I come! Can’t wait to meet my students and see all of the wonderful things they have planned!

Topeka Art Guild has opened their new show “Awesome America” showing til the end of March, and I have two pieces there – if you are in the vacinity be sure and stop in to see “Eagles Soar” and “Grasslands”.


Entering Shows

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

This morning’s email brought notice that today is the deadline for “Form Not Function”. I have already missed two deadlines this year and we are only barely into the second month! I missed the entry for “AQS Paducah” and “Road To California” which just ended. I have never gotten into “Form Not Function”, they seem to prefer more abstract work than what I do, but I thought I’d like to give it a try anyway since it has been awhile since I submitted there.

Every show seems to want the photos different, so it takes time to figure out what it is they want and find the photos and prepare them after having spent a bunch more time just looking through everything to find out what will be available for the time period that they want it, and not be too old. In this case made after Jan 2010, so that’s easy. This one has an entry fee of $30.00 for up to 3 pieces so it makes sense to submit three. Multiply the time factor by 3. I settled on “Bignonia”,Bignonia

“In The Bleak Midwinter”


and “Prairie Power”


I expected problems with the online submission, because, don’t I always have problems? And also it being the last day and all, I figured it might be bogged down. But it seemed to go quick and seamlessly.¬† Almost TOO easy, did it really go through?

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Since I didn’t go to Houston for Festival last Fall, I didn’t get to see all of the other entries for this exhibit in the Festival Awareness Project with the postcards to benefit “Friends For Life” a no-kill animal shelter in Houston. The post card project raised over $40,000.00!

Anyway-¬† I was real happy to see that The Quilt Show has posted photos of all of the “Raining Cats & Dogs” quilts, so I was able to see them all, and you can see them, too, including my¬† “Snow Buddies”, here.SnowBudDet

With my trip to teach at Empty Spools at Asilomar coming up fast, I decided that I ought to get my books caught up before I go, and be ready early for taxes this year, so I have gotten a head start on that project, as well as getting things in order for the trip.¬† There are still spaces left if you are inclined to want to learn how you too can immortalize one of your favorite photos in fabric!¬† It is SO cold here, I am looking forward to going someplace warmer.¬† Doesn’t that sound good? Join me!!

Catching Up

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Can that be true? Already it is the 20th of December? Where did the year go!

The little “Alaska” piece that I showed recently sold on the evening of First Friday at the Topeka Art Guild, and there has been a round of Christmas parties to attend lately. Thankfully the weather has been good for getting out and about!

I did work on changing backgounds on the dogs; the picture in my mind’s eye is a riot of color with a flower garden background. In reality it was a too busy mess. I first tried the red and yellow flowers and then tried white ones for better contrast.


The actual photograph shows the dogs with a mostly grassy background and flowers. I pinned up some green grassy fabrics and that is better, but still too much all medium tones.


I thought perhaps sky would be nice and I do think it sets them off nicely.


This hand dye is one I did myself and used in “Spring Encounter”, but there is not much left. Certainly not enough, so I have been shopping for something to go with it, since I don’t really enjoy the mess of dyeing, myself. I darkened and tweaked the the grays on the dog for better contrast.

In the meantime I developed a plan for the SAQA “This Is A Quilt” collection. This exhibit travels for a period of time and the pieces only need to be 7 x 10″, so I thought this would be a good time to knock that out. I had purchased a wonderful piece of Marcia Derse fabric that was a mottled mix of greens and yellows with some reds and black with the idea that it would work for the winter color of male Goldfinches.


It is so good, I want more in case I decide to make a bigger version.

So yesterday I drove to Lawrence to Sarah’s where I had purchased that fabric, but I guess I was not the only one to love it and it was all gone!! I did score a batik though that I think will do for dog sky, and some more of the border black print that I am using on the dogs. Not all bad news though, because it forced me to go looking on line and I found Meandering Threads which has a lot of the kind of funky fabrics I love, so this morning I found the fabric online and ordered a yard of it plus a couple more that I couldn’t do without!

The last “This Is A Quilt” exhibit has retired and they are for sale in the SAQA store. I purchased “A Lotus Flower” by Chang Hsu-Hsing of Taiwan. It is gorgeous!! My little pieced dog is still available; the sale goes until Dec 31..still good stuff left, check it out!

We are hunkering down for a wintery blast of ice and snow, possible 10″, so I plan on sewing for the next few days! Check out “Off The Wall Friday” to see what others are working on.

Piecing Zeus

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Progress is slow on the new dog portrait. I think I will need to simplify the background which seems too busy right now. I have been pretty busy lately with other things and have had trouble finding blocks of time to really get on a roll with this quilt.


Yesterday I went to the Sewing & Quilting Expo in Overland Park, KS because I had committed to work at the SAQA booth there. The day turned out to be rainy, turning colder with the threat of icy conditions in the evening so, had I not signed up to work I would probably have opted out of the hour and a half drive and stayed home. I enjoyed the two SAQA exhibits, Deux and Georgialina ( a SAQA Regional exhibit from Georgia & S Carolina. Saw some gorgeous work. met some new people and reconnected with some old friends. We also had a meeting of regional SAQA members and did some brainstorming about future plans. It was a good day. By the time I made it safely home, just before 6, there was ice on the gate and some patches on the bridges. Today everything is coated in ice – it’s pretty but not to my liking. The birds are attacking the feeders and I am ready to go attack the work in progress!

Quilt Market

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Quilt Market is currently in progress in Houston and I sort of miss the hustle and bustle, but not enough to consider going back! The morning weather report confirms that I am glad to be safely dry and at home, having experienced Houston’s torrential rain and flooded roads on a previous trip!

The Northcott Fabrics booth will be displaying this sample from my POPPY! pattern featuring their new Shimmer line of fabric.



Also on display in the exhibits area and staying through Festival next week are “Who, Me?” in “Celebrate Spring”, “Snow Buddies” in a special exhibit of pet quilts and “In The Bleak Midwinter” in “World of Beauty”. I do wish I could pop in to see those exhibits and Festival, but for this year, it is not to be.

Here at home I have been working on a small wall hanging commission. Each year in an attempt to entice folks to invest in art, the Topeka Art Guild Gallery asks for smaller less expensive works for sale during the month of December and January. A couple of years ago I entered a small landscape of a photo that I took on our Alaska trip and it was purchased by a lady who had lived in Alaska for a while. Ever since she has been after me to make her another, and last month she loaned me one of her photographs to render in fabric for her.


The next step is to quilt and bind it for delivery in a week or so.

Winning Work

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

The American Quilter’s Society in Des Moines is this weekend and “Colorado Kids” has won second place and $1000.00 in one of the wall hanging categories!


Further away, at the LaConner Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival in La Conner, WA. “Foxglove Fairy” received an Honorable Mention.


Pretty good weekend, so far!!

EDGE 4.0 Exhibit

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Last evening we attended the opening of the EDGE 4.0 exhibit of art quilts at the Tim Murphy Gallery in Merriam, KS. on the outskirts of Kansas City. It was a very nice show of art quilts and some lovely wooden pieced boxes and plaques. I have two pieces there, “Longhorn Splashdown” and “Majesty”.

Edge 4.0merriam
The lighting can not compare to that of the Sabatini Gallery in Topeka where we last showed!

Before we went inside, we saw this owl on the roof.


His head was moving so I decided to get his picture.  When I pulled him in to focus I realized he was a security camera.  Pretty cool idea!

Eagles Soar

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Yesterday when I posted, I scrolled back to see when I had finished the Eagle top, and discovered that I never had posted it!  So here it is:


You can see the original photo “Eagle Soars”, by Tammy Patterson. I did a mirror image as well as using the original orientation just to add complexity to the layout. I worked on it for awhile yesterday and hope to do some more quilting today.

The Topeka Public Library has posted very nice photos of the Material Conversations exhibit. If you cannot make it to the actual exhibit this is the next best thing!

Material Conversations

Friday, August 16th, 2013

I was so happy with the Sabatini Gallery‘s display of the current exhibit of works by the EDGE exhibiting group from the former Kansas Art Quilters organization, that I went back yesterday to get some pictures. It is my understanding that they will be posting the show to their website, so I am only concentrating on my three entries. Here is a long shot showing Bignonia and Spring Encounter.


The work is not crowded and the lighting is superb.


This photo does not really capture the vivid yellowness of the walls that perfectly compliments the yellow within the work. The lighting throughout enhances the quilting amazingly well.


By comparison. the white walls appear rather bland, but the lighting couldn’t be better! Bignonia stands out dark, vivid colors against the light wall.


My work is pieced in the old fashioned way, many little pieces of commercially printed or hand dyed fabrics sewn together with quarter inch seam allowances.  In the case of Bignonia, I chose to use curved seams to enhance the sinuous qualities of this tropical vining plant but the other two on display here use straight seams, which is easier.  This is such a fun process and not as hard as you might think.  I will be teaching a five day workshop on designing and piecing your own, in February at Empty Spools Seminars in Ca. Sounds like a great place to be in February, especially if, like me, you live where the snow flies!


Harrier Hunting is enhanced by the yellow walls as well. Again, the camera is not giving me the true strong yellow and playing around with the settings did not help. These were taken without flash.


The yellow in the grassy foreground really pops with that background. The quilting looks wonderful under these lights. Peeking around from the back is a “slice” of Watermelon Summer by Judith Trager and a display of Marcia Derse fabrics in the case.


One forgets how important lighting can be as it is usually sadly lacking at most venues, but here, attention to details is important.  At 5:30 on a Thursday afternoon there were only a few people in the gallery but the First Friday turnout was good. Hope YOU can make it!.

This exhibit continues at the Sabatini Gallery, Topeka Public and Shawnee Library, Topeka , KS through Sept 22.