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New work

Friday, January 20th, 2017

In spite of good intentions, there continues to be too much time between postings.  That’s not to say things don’t happen, but perhaps not so much happens that you would be interested in!

Like, do you care that I finally got the sales tax filed?  I didn’t think so, but still, it took a lot of time to get the info together and sent.

I completed two small pieces, one a 12 x 12″ bird challenge piece for my local art group that I won’t reveal until after our next meeting on Thursday, and a 6 x 8″ for the auction at the SAQA Convention in the spring.


These little pieces will be matted so the edges are only zigzagged.

I started a new fire piece since I needed a new landscape and all of these fabrics were still out on the cutting table from the last ones.

This is after the first working day and so far, I’m liking it.  I intend to post progress shots as I go, we’ll see how that goes!

It’s Been A Long Time

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Much has happened since last I posted here. Our daughter Karen died on Oct 26, very unexpectedly. Plans to go to Houston were cancelled. Our other daughter arrived from AZ for the funeral and to stay through her father’s scheduled surgery three days later. That went well, but a few days after she left to go home, he developed a bad reaction to the pain medication and I had a couple of scary days until the effects wore of and he regained normalcy.

In the meantime we were sorting through Karen’s things, donating most of it to various agencies. This is a very sad and time consuming process and I can’t express enough, the need for everyone to get a jump start and sort your own things while you can. Thank you, Cindy, for all your help! After the furniture, books, clothing and other personal stuff there are still boxes of papers that haven’t been gone through yet.

I had no desire to create, but somewhere along the line, I forced myself to get into the studio one Saturday morning and make two little 6 x 6” pieces for a local gallery’s annual Christmas Mini show and sale. It was something that I had been wanting to do, but was unsure if they would be accepted, since they were textile pieces. Everything gets uniformly framed in a wide black frame with a gold accent, very classy. They were accepted and they sold quickly! I was asked to make more, so I did two more and those also quickly sold. At that point the owner asked if I would make a large prairie fire piece for him to show and sell in the gallery. This finally gave me a focus and got me back into design and create mode. It has been fun to have a goal again and yesterday I delivered the finished piece which is 56.5 x 27” to the SouthWind Gallery here in Topeka in time for this month’s First Friday opening.

Finished Facing/ Cataract Surgery

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Except for the sleeve and documentation tag, the Kansas Flinthills landscape is finished.


I’ve only done one faced edging before when I followed someone else’s instructions and it was a pain in the butt. This time I followed my intuition and did what felt right. It was easier and came out great.

faced edge

I really like how it looks – the simplicity of it.


I don’t like how much hand work is involved with sewing the hanging sleeve on by hand. When I do a bound edge, I sew one side of the hanging sleeve into the binding seam, eliminating quite a bit of hand sewing.

Since I had my cataract surgery last week on my right eye, my vision is pretty lopsided right now. I am looking at the world through one corrected and one uncorrected eye, so things are a bit wonky. My new interocular lense is for long distance sight so my close up vision is not so good. Next week I will get the left eye done so I expect the long distance will get better and the close up, perhaps worse. If needed I will be able to get reading glasses for that eventually, for now I find a magnifying glass helpful.

The effects of color have been interesting and so obvious right now when alternating eyes makes it easy to see the difference in the before and after surgery colors. One does not realize how yellow everything is with cataracts because the change is so gradual. I thought I was seeing perfectly fine, but in reality that was not the case. I had been thinking that we were having an especially lovely spring this year and I gave credit to the generous rainfall. Everything was such a saturated green this year with golden highlights, just beautiful! It was just the yellow cataracts. Yellow being always a part of green sort of intensified it. And the washed out areas of sunlight turned yellow. The surgeon related a similar story. A lady came in for her first checkup. She said “Look at my shirt!” “What about it?” he asked. “It’s PURPLE!”, she exclaimed, “It was brown when I bought it.”
Makes sense, purple and yellow make brown.

Just last evening, I noticed that the shower curtain and towels didn’t go together any more. I thought they had nice peachy colors, but in fact, the yellow in the cataracts made the pink in the shower curtain peachy and the beige towel took on a nice glow and they looked so good. But in reality the pink and the beige that they really are looks pretty bad!

Time to go shopping; I wonder what I will discover next! It is an interesting journey!

“Layers Of The FlintHills” Top Finished!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

The latest top is DONE!! I sewed the last seam yesterday morning, removed all of the freezer paper and gave it a good pressing. Now it is hanging on the design wall and if I don’t notice something that needs changing I hope to get it layered and ready to start the quilting next week. It’s been a long process, working an hour here and a day there between other obligations, sewing and un sewing, making changes and additions.  It went from this the last time I posted about it

KSlandscape2to this.  I tweaked the greens, added more flowers in the foreground and a distant hill,

Landscape progress

then to this.  Changed the distant hill to a darker shade from the hand dyed sky fabric. It felt like that side was too low, so I added a second distant hill from the different lighter hand dye that was rejected in the previous shot.  Added a pond to the right side as it seemed to need to have the blue repeated.

LayersTopI do believe it is now finished and I know the quilting will add another dimension. Can’t wait to get started!

Heron Finished!!

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

The heron quilt is FINALLY finished. “Tranquil Dawn”, 40 x 52.5″

It’s not that I’ve been working on it all this time, but so much time was wasted looking for that “perfect” fabric. When I just let it go and added some others, I think it was even better than it would have been had I found the one I wanted in the first place. More is usually better! As usual it is loaded with machine quilting with many different threads used.


Now I am seriously thinking about what is next; it is always exciting to start something new, and I hope, smaller!

But first I need to get those books caught up, sales tax is due soon……

Heron Quilting Finished!

Monday, December 28th, 2015

The day before Christmas, I finished quilting the Heron quilt.

MQthefaceThere are some metallic threads in the water for sparkle.


I settled in to watch some TV and bury all of the missed thread ends. I get most of those as I do the quilting, every time I change to a new color of thread, but there are always a few that get missed. I got interrupted and then didn’t get back to it til after Christmas.

I always like to lay it out and check it from the back side to be sure there are no missed spots.

MQthebackThis backing fabric is a home dec fabric that I like to use on the back as it has a nice weight that helps to keep the work flat.  But it does present a problem when it comes to blocking because it is treated to repel water.  I prewash to help overcome that and work a little harder to make sure it wets evenly.

Before blocking, the work is already pretty flat,


but after blocking and drying it is perfectly flat!


Beneficial Burn

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Finally got photos of “Beneficial Burn” which I have been beading and finishing up.

BeneficialBurnBurning of the grasslands is common here in the Flinthills and is done to improve the land.  I learned when “Prairie Fire”


was honored at Houston with the Fairfield Award For Contemporary Artistry, that some people view fire as destructive and tragic, but here it is done on purpose and is controlled, so it is a good thing, thus the name!  And very beautiful to behold, especially at night!

I like how the beads catch the light and give a bit of subtle spark effect as you walk past it.


Lots of time and hand work involved, but worth it, I think. Finishing at 59.5 x 28″, it is a nice size and a panoramic view of the prairie.


Quilting Finished

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

The quilting is finished! This one has taken longer than usual, due I think to the lack of deadline. It is very heavily quilted, and is a result of a few hours at a time, here and there rather than concentrated “git ‘er done” work. This photo shows it on the design wall after blocking, but before the trimming for binding.


Here is a close up of the quilting:

PFfinalQuiltingYesterday I trimmed it and prepared and applied the binding and sleeve, readying it for the hand work.

Sunday was entry day for the spring Topeka Art Guild’s show and it needed to be something that had not been shown there before which narrowed the field considerably. Except for a few older things and the newest ones that are committed somewhere else (like “Splash” which was sent off to AQS Paducah yesterday), I had little available. I decided since there was no age limit, to see if they had room for “Seahorses” which had never been there before. The new show opens tomorrow, with First Friday this week from 5-8.


Top Done

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

The top is finally finished. After putting it up on the design wall and living with it for a bit, I saw things I wanted to tweak. That second swirl especially needed to flow better, so I divided the upper reddish piece and made it join into the yellow/red heading off toward the edge. This piece has had a lot of changes from the original sketch as I work improvisationaly , making changes as needed, even if, as in this case I have to spend a day un-sewing what I have previously done!


The upper right corner was getting pretty dark and I really wanted to get some of that lighter sky fabric in there to add a little sparkle to the piece, but also to set the time. Originally I had planned a night scene, but you would not see this much detail at night.

I’m anxious to get started on the quilting because I know that will only make it better!

prairiefire16Linking to “Off  The Wall Friday”

Christmas UFO

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year! Where has this year gone?! My good intentions to do a better job of posting here certainly didn’t materialize. Better luck next year? I don’t make resolutions, just strive to do as much as I can!

I was looking through some old UFO’s in search of a certain one that I didn’t find –  but I did find a couple of Christmas ones that are over twenty years old! I decided it’s high time I did something about that and finished the smaller of the two,Christmasufo1

and actually used it this year..