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Planting Trees and Painting People

Friday, April 8th, 2016

This morning I cannot get my email on AOL. I can get online so I will see if I can post here.

Yesterday’s watercolor class was ok, But I am not satisfied with my first effort at portrait painting. It is soaking in a tray of water so I can scrub it out and try again. No point in keeping a bunch of failures around!

We got the trees planted, a Pear and an Apricot. That makes a nice addition to the two Apple trees, a Peach, a Cherry and two Plum trees we already had. I’m not sure about the two Blueberries I planted last year. One looks dead but the other may have buds. The Blackberry and Raspberry plants look good – fingers crossed for no fruit flies this year. I got my first tick on tree planting day!

A Hint Of Springtime

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Yesterday we had a hint of springtime, as the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees and I spent an hour or so weeding in the perennial beds. Just those little weed seedlings that are so easy to get rid of this time of the year before they really dig in deep. My snowdrops are blooming right now and I am sure they would prefer it to be more seasonably colder. They always remind me of my wonderful trip to England and Wales which inspired me to plant them. Of course they will never be as lush here in KS as they were there!  Once again all of the buds on the Hellebores have been eaten by some varmint because I forgot again to put the wire cages around them last fall, and judging by the mass of chewed off stems, they would have been really nice this year. The catalogs all say they are deer resistant, but somebody loves them!

So far no dandelions, but it won’t be long!


My ultimate springtime quilt is “Just Dandy” which I made for IQF Celebrate Spring in 2008. It contains some lovely hand dyes.  It was juried in and traveled with that exhibit to several major venues. Then it went to other shows where it won several first place awards and a Viewer’s Choice. It is 41 x 41″ square and is for sale at $2750.00. I should get it out and hang it  to brighten things up and bring the spring inside.

Focus Friday – Fairies In My Garden

Friday, February 5th, 2016

The groundhog says spring is coming and I am dreaming of my garden coming to life – will the Fairies still be there?

For today’s Focus Friday, let’s look at “Fairies In My Garden”, an enchanted gathering of fairies in the flowers. This 22 x 29” wall hanging is a combination of piecing and applique in my signature easy to do shapes. Don’t be afraid of the faces, they are in the pattern and easily traced with Pigma pens.

FairiesIn Garden

“Fairies In My Garden” – INNOVATIONS #01126 – approx 22 x 29”
Pattern: $9.00
Click on Patterns in the side bar to order.

The cover sample wall hanging is for sale at $250.00. Email for details.

This pattern has inspired two art pieces done in my pieced pictorial style. “Don’t Piss Off The Fairies”, 12 x 12” (sold)


and “Foxglove Fairies”, 42 x 41”, $3000.00.


These are one of a kind art quilts and are not in the pattern, but I will share them here for your viewing pleasure!



Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

August has been  busy month! My last multiple day engagement for Guild programs/workshop in Oklahoma happened and it was a fun trip with lovely ladies.  Even fitted in some fabric shopping, though we did not find the one I was looking for.  One more trip – next week to Kansas City, then I will be officially retired!!

We went to Wichita over the weekend for the Opening Reception of the Wichita National All Media Craft Exhibit where “Snow Buddies” is being exhibited. It has a great spot , well lighted where you see it as you enter the gallery; looks good!


While we were in Wichita we visited the Botanic Gardens, The Indian Museum and the Zoo.  The weather was near perfect and I was exhausted by the time we got back home! But it was fun!

Since coming back I have finished the Heron top using some of the fabrics that I found that looked like they might have possibilities.  I un-sewed some of the previous work to insert the new fabrics and I think it is going to be OK. HeronTop

Yesterday I squared it up and selected a backing fabric but have not yet layered it for quilting.  I think another deadline has squeezed in that will need my attention first!

News came that all four of my entries to the Visions of the Flint Hills Art Benefit and Sale at the Buttonwood Gallery in Kansas City were accepted.  “Harrier Hunting”, “Prairie Power”, “Drifted”, and “Grasslands” will be there.  This is an art exhibit so it is always gratifying when my quilts are recognized as art! The opening reception is on Oct 2 and the show runs through Nov 27.  Sales benefit the Friends of Konza Prairie.  Be sure and check it out if you are nearby.



Thursday, June 18th, 2015

I LOVE it when I get comments! Thank you!! Your insights gave me things to think about.

Yesterday I went to three more fabric shops with no luck on finding more of the dark print that I used in this. I came home and went on line to view thousands more with still no luck. I still need to check eBay.

The garden is doing great with all this rain. I have been spending an hour or more most evenings picking peas and green beans and then another couple of hours processing and freezing them. Not sure if it is worth it!

Finished the Woodpecker

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

I finished the little 12 x 12″ quilt for the SAQA auction last week and got it sent off to them. It was adapted from a photo I took of the woodpecker on the sunflower seed feeder. I gave him a nicer place to sit. Well, prettier, anyway.


I used a variety of black and white fabrics, mostly zebra prints. Here’s what I pulled off the shelves in the beginning,


and here is what I actually used.


These little pieces don’t use a lot of fabric but still you need a lot of choices!

It’s been a cool and rainy week so everything is lush and beautiful. I try to get outside every day and weed or trim to keep it in check. Soon it will get hot and dry and it will be a different story, so we enjoy it while we can!

The first perfect rose

perfectroseKansas Blizzard Iris


It’s Spring!

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Spring is officially here and it was a perfect day to be outside yesterday. We had had a nice rain earlier so the ground was just right for pulling weeds, and I got rid of a lot. Also did some transplanting and trimming. The Hellebore and the Forsythia is in bloom and the Daffodils and Tulips are budding. Everything is turning green and/ or coming up. There was a light frost so I am hoping not too much damage. So much needed moisture made a pretty foggy view as the sun came up.


I have managed at least a little quilting most days, so progress is steady if slow. So many stitches, so many ends to bury!




Monday, March 9th, 2015

So far, I have the top almost half quilted, but for one reason or another, have not been able to post. If it’s not the computer, it’s the camera, or else my ineptitude or crazy schedule. These pics are from last week.

PFQuiltingThere is actually a little more done, than shows here.


Saturday I enjoyed a road trip with friends to a nearby town to visit museums and galleries and enjoy lunch together. Our weather has turned nice again and it was a gorgeous day to be out. I took some photos I wanted to share, but cannot figure out how to get them from the phone to the computer. I know— you say that is easy— but for me it is not working!

Sunday the weather was still beautiful and I spent most of the afternoon outside trimming and pulling weeds to get a head start on Spring. The whole week is supposed to be lovely. Perhaps too nice to stay inside and quilt!

Prairie Power Wins

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

We had our first frost last night so it’s a good thing we brought all the tender plants inside for the winter. Brrrr– I am not ready for this! We didn’t get much of the predicted rain but I did, at least, get out and plant some of the seeds I have been given.

Last evening was First Friday at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and we had a better than usual turnout for the reception. Since it was our annual judged show of Kansas themed art from Kansas artists, there was perhaps more publicity, so that was gratifying. My entry, “Prairie Power” was awarded Third Place against some very tough competition.prpower450 copy


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

With Fall officially here we have installed the pool cover netting over the fish pond to try and keep the fallen leaves from clogging the filter. It’s not beautiful but it helps!


The mornings have been cool but the afternoons get pretty warm, still. I love walking this time of the year through showers of falling yellow leaves. It’s very dry though, so I hope the predicted rain for tonight happens. Then maybe I can get something done in the garden.