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Oak and Acorn

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Wow, nearly a month since my last post – I really intended to do better!

Many years ago, I started a quilt for an antique bed that we inherited. I wanted it to enhance the bed which had carved acorn shapes on the posts, so I chose the Oakleaf and Acorn block. I hand appliqued the leaves and acorns in varying shades of burgundy reproduction prints on many shades of cream traditional background fabrics. The backgrounds of the blocks alternate between one solid fabric or pieced four patches of four different fabrics, so the resulting quilt top is quite scrappy while still remaining basically a two color quilt.


The blocks are 15″ square and there are 20 of them set 4 x 5 and surrounded by a border of a burgundy oak and acorn print with a narrow gold accent. Because It is a special quilt and I hand appliqued all of the blocks I had to hand quilt it as well. I decided to put excessive amounts of quilting so everything is outlined in a double row of stitches, a quarter inch (eyeballed), then another double row of stitches. The background fabrics are quilted in a grid of 1/2″ spaced lines. I considered adding more lines to end with a 1/4″ grid, but even I think that is excessive! When I started, I did all of the outlining on all 20 blocks. then started on the leaves and acorns and did a few backgrounds to get the feel of how it would look. I am using a taupe quilting thread and a size 12 needle.


Eventually, I put it away and was only getting it out whenever I had a hand quilting class to teach. At that rate, especially since I retired from teaching, it was never going to be finished. So, a month or so ago, I decided to get it out and start quilting a little every day; I’ve only missed a few days. I thought it would be more rewarding to completely finish each block rather than continue to do a certain element throughout and today I have 8 blocks, the first two rows, totally finished. That is gratifying and it keeps me from falling asleep while watching TV!

Click on the Hand quilting tag to see a photo of another of the blocks in progress from seven years ago!!

This past week I had my first cataract surgery so that will slow me down some. Things are a little blurry now. I will have the other eye done in 2 weeks. The lenses that I’m getting implanted are for distance, so I will eventually need glasses for reading and quilting. In the meantime I will still try to quilt every day as long as I can!

Hand Quilting

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Yesterday I taught a hand quilting class at a local shop and there were five students there! Seven were signed up but 2 got sick or something. Isn’t it great that so many are still interested in learning the hand work skills in this age of machine quilting? It’s always fun and gratifying to help them get started right or to show them ways to make it easier and better. Of course I found some new fabrics to buy as well!

Since I was already in town with a couple of hours to spare, I decided to do a little Christmas shopping. I cannot believe Christmas is coming so fast! I am nowhere near ready!! Everything was busy and crowded, parking difficult and perhaps Saturday shopping was not the best idea.

Whenever I teach hand quilting I usually take this quilt that I have been “working” on for years as a sample.
I started it for an antique bed that we inherited. It’s all hand applique in the Oakleaf and Acorn block, so it needs to be heavily hand quilted I think. I used to be able to quilt one in three months before I got so busy with the business, so it irks me that this one has laid around for years. It’s because I don’t work on it often so I think I will keep it out where I can see it and try to work on it in the evening when I watch TV like I used to do. I did that last night and added bonus—I was able to stay awake for the ending of the movie!!