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Nothing for AQS This Year

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Nothing for AQS this year; that’s not a very good omen!

Today’s the deadline for AQS and I discovered that “The Merchant’s House” is still away with “Tactile Architecture”, not due to return til summertime so I have nothing that falls within the size and finish date for Paducah. Too bad I didn’t get photos of “Colorado Kids”!

Yesterday I sewed quite a few of the previously cut pieces in the fire quilt and cut a few more.  The water in the middle will not be cut until later when I can see how the reflections will go. Today I will try to finish the sky.

Quilting the Longhorn-Denver Award

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I’ve been quilting off and on all week and have the piece less than half finished. As usual I am putting an insane amount of quilting on it.

It is still in the machine so I had to get close to snap this photo which seemed a little washed out so I adjusted the intensity and don’t know how accurate it will look on other monitors.

The dishwasher decided to die and the repair man said it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to repair it so that entailed a couple of trips to town. My appliances are Bisque – decisions, decisions – upgrade to Stainless? Our kitchen is small and dark so we decided to stay with Bisque. The salesman said some companies are phasing out Bisque, so we decided to go ahead and get a new refrigerator too while we still could. Probably should replace the stove soon as well! Then we should be good to go for another 10 years which unfortunately seems to be the predicted life span of new appliances these days.

I’m running out of Coneflowers patterns, so had to take the time to update that and get it to the printer – that’s a couple of hours trip – and today we have to go and pick them up. So it’s been a crazy week and again today I will not get to quilt very much.

Mon Grand Pere is showing at Denver National and won second place in the wall hangings! The two quilts arrived home yesterday in good shape from AQS along with the ribbon from Lancaster. No judge’s comments, which may come separately.


Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Bathsheba has been sold and has gone to a new home!!

I’ll miss having her here, but I’m glad she’s out of storage and being enjoyed.

Yesterday we had to go to town to deliver everything to the tax preparer, ship patterns and generally run errands. I found a sale on roses so now I have to make time to plant four rose bushes. Two climbers for the gate and two Knock-Outs for who knows where. Those are the ones that are supposed to bloom all season.

It was on the schedule to ship “Spring Encounter” to AQS but I ran out of time to package it so will have to do another trip to town today for that – no wonder I never get caught up.

I missed a deadline yesterday by leaving it to the last minute, and recently realized that the deadline for IQF is in May! Can I make something? I don’t know!

Do Wacka Daisy

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

This lovely quilt, “Do Wacka Daisy”, was made by Karen Kielmeyer, started in a “Coneflowers” workshop in NW Arkansas last summer. Karen was using her own hand dyes, strip pieced, for the background pieces. I think it’s wonderful and so did AQS! It will be at Paducah next month!!

Congratulations Karen, and good luck!  Thanks for sharing…….

A Very Good Saturday

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Yesterday I taught a Machine Quilting class at Stitching Traditions in Topeka. It was the class that had to be canceled back when the weather was so bad, but that was not a problem yesterday. Spring was in the air with temperatures in the 60’s! The class went well and everyone made great progress on their way to becoming super machine quilters.

The morning e-mail brought news that “The Merchant’s House” won Viewer’s Choice at the current show at The Topeka Art Guild Gallery.

The show, “Paint Pink” will be up for another month.

When I got home my acceptance letter for AQS was in the mail. “Spring Encounter” was juried in and will be going to Paducah!

Lyric Kinard just wrote a wonderful post about the jury process on her blog. If you have ever wondered about that process check it out. I met Lyric in Houston the year we both had pieces in “I Remember Mama” and she is one of the nicest people I know! How she finds the time to do all that she does with small children at home is beyond me!


Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Yikes! I’ve been home for a week without posting. You know, I was afraid this would happen when I gave in and started a blog. Sometimes there is just not room on the plate for one more thing!! I did try but my camera was not communicating with my computer. Turned out to be a cable thing.

Paducah and AQS was even better than I remembered. The new space is wonderful. The town turns out to welcome the quilters and there is much to see. Go if you can!

Highlights were the Quilt Museum, connecting once again with the wonderful past winners and seeing the new exhibits; Hancocks (oh, oh, the first visit I found NOTHING to buy! I worried about me. Am I getting jaded? But the second time I did fine! I’m OK); the dogwoods, it’s a lucky year when they are blooming; the food! – Max’s Brick Oven for the artisan pizza that I dream about during the rest of the year is still cranking them out. We had to go there TWICE!; the vendors, I came home with 26 new yards of fabric that I didn’t really need – and I was worried about me?; Ricky Tims’ concert was wonderful, see it if you get the chance, we stood in line for over an hour but were rewarded with very good seats. Rain threatened but didn’t materialize until minutes before the doors opened and in the meantime we were entertained watching the parade of prom couples in their tuxs and gorgeous gowns. There were so many beautiful quilts in the show to see and the quality of the work was amazing. I was disappointed in the way my entry was hung. I sent it folded in thirds, well padded, right sides out so there would be no creases, but apparently it was unpacked folded in half right sides in, and placed at the bottom of a pile for a week judging by the nasty crease right through the middle! Mine was not the only one that looked that way. It’s sad when the work is not respected.
26yds paducah

Here’s what 26 yards of fabric looks like! Wish you could see the good stuff that’s underneath!!

Ready for a vacation

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Over a week has passed in a blur since I last posted, but now the new INNOVATIONS pattern sample is finished! “Sunflower Patch”– approximately 70 x 85″.
Sunflower Patch

It did take longer than usual as I had so much else to do during the process. The block is an original design, really not hard, though it does have lots of pieces to cut and to sew.

Sunflower block

Usually I do simple one fabric backs but there was no fabric suitable on the shelves that was large enough. It was cold and rainy outside and too early by several hours for the stores to be open, so I decided to piece the back. It took all morning so I probably could have done it in the same amount of time by going on into town, but on the bright side, I did use up some old stash that wasn’t going anywhere!! Everything always seems to take longer than I expect it to.

Sunflower Back

Including the quilting!! When I am in a time crunch which seems to be most of the time, I don’t take the time to plan out the quilting, but just let it happen – which inevitably results in entirely too much quilting. This is fine for a contest piece but ridiculous for a pattern sample. All in all, it’s been a long process but thankfully it’s finished and I am pretty happy with it.

Tomorrow I leave with friends for a quick trip to Paducah for the AQS show. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been there and I am really excited and looking forward to seeing the show since the building was expanded. I’m ready for a vacation!