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New Toy

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

I got a Roomba, a robot vacuum cleaner. What fun! Press the button and it takes off, cleaning up everything in it’s path, bouncing off in new directions at each obstacle like a little dervish. Being fairly flat it fits underneath things that the big vac won’t and it is exceeding my expectations. And it’s fun to watch! My Komondor loves to roll in the fallen leaves and he brings in a lot of trash in his coat. Roomba gobbles it up.

The Kom is afraid of the big vac, but neither of my dogs is bothered by Roomba, however my daughter’s little Yorkie chased it to the extent that we thought it might make a good exercise machine to wear the dog out while she is at work!

I have started a new wall hanging and it is great to know that I can now vacuum and sew at the same time!!